Friday, June 11, 2010


Thirteen years ago today

So, tell me something. Are there any husbands out there who actually plan dates? Who decide where to go and what to do and maybe even go so far as to line up the babysitter? Do these men exist?

On second thought, don't tell me. I don't want to know if mine is the only one who doesn't.

Today is our 13th anniversary. We have not had great luck with our anniversaries over the years. The army has kept us apart for at least four of them--I'm thinking maybe even five. Three years ago, on our tenth anniversary, Will was in Iraq. So, that made it sucky right there. But to add to the sucktasticness, I woke up that morning to discover that the diamond had fallen out of my wedding ring and it was nowhere to be found.

Two years ago, we had just moved to Georgia and then had almost immediately flown out to Wyoming to visit Will's family. We got home at 2 am on our anniversary, and then the moving truck with all of our crap showed up at 9 am. So we spent that anniversary bleary eyed and jet lagged and trying to unpack the essentials.

So, anniversaries=sucky.

And even when they haven't been completely sucky, I have had to be the one who planned any kind of celebration. Usually it's just been dinner and a movie (which, holy crap I'm so BORED with) and I have had to choose the restaurant AND usually the movie.

Tonight is no different.

Me: "Will, what would you like to do for our anniversary?"
Will: "I don't know."

(A few days later)

Me: "Will, what would you like to do for our anniversary?"
Will: "I don't care. Iron Man 2?"

So, at least he chose the movie this year.

Last year I even told him that all I wanted for a gift was for him to plan everything. I didn't want to make any decision about what we were going to do.

So...we did nothing.

So, internets, this year YOU decide. Where should we go? What should we do? Where should we eat? We leave in three hours.

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