Sunday, June 13, 2010

A bunch of random stuff.

(If you do a Google image search for "bunch of random stuff," this is what you get.)

Creative title, no?

But that's what this is. A bunch of random stuff.

1. That cruise I was so excited for in March? Yeah, I can't go. But YOU should still go and let me experience the awesomeness vicariously.

2. Since the cruise is off, I'm most definitely planning another WEEKEND OF AWESOME. Send me an e-mail (listed over there on the top right) if you'd be interested in possibly attending and I'll get your name on the preliminary info e-mail list. And please include whether you'd prefer mid January (MLK weekend) or mid April. Sorry, this is a chicks only event. If you have a penis you can't come. Unless you have a penis and are breastfeeding. Wait, I should clarify--unless you are an infant who is breastfeeding. I don't want some 40 year old freaky guy thinking he can attend because he still breast feeds. And sorry, but no children unless they fall into the breastfeeding infant category already mentioned.

3. I had the horrible realization that I move in 2 weeks and I have hardly anything packed, so I'll be kind of scarce around here for awhile. I have a guest post lined up for tomorrow, but I need more. If anyone wants to submit one, I'll love you forever. Just e-mail it to the address listed on the top right. And also? You don't have to think like me or write like me or even like me at all to write a post. Heck, write a post about why you hate me. As long as it's fairly well written I'll post it. I disagree with a few points in tomorrow's guest post, but it's still a good post and hopefully will generate some conversation in the comments.

4. Poll for the ladies: Are the males in your home expected to put the seat down after they pee? Do you teach your sons to always put it down when they're done? Does the male to female ratio in your home play any part in how it's done? I need to know this, for real.

5. Penis*

*That's dedicated to you, H and S. And anyone else who gets it.

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