Saturday, June 19, 2010

Officially...worse than I remember.

So, I'm still packing, and time's running out, which means even less time to write this week. (And...totally out of guest posts. Hint hint.)

Anyway, Yesterday I got my official before and after pictures from the plastic surgeon. The afters show that my scars are still red, and I'm still a little misshapen and bruised. And I've gained mumblemumble pounds over the past six weeks that I haven't been allowed to exercise (and have kept eating the same number of calories).

But it's the before pictures that kind of shocked me. It's only been six weeks, but I don't remember being and globular.

Anyway, you know the drill--after the courtesy kittens you'll see the official before and afters.

Crazy, huh?

(And apparently I look thinner from the left, even before the tummy tuck.)

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