Thursday, June 3, 2010

I couldn't resist.

So, if you take one infomercial addict and force her to lay on the couch with nothing but the TV for entertainment for weeks on end, she's bound to end up buying something potentially awesome that's "not available in stores!"

And can I just take a moment to tell you that the Ronco Food Dehydrator infomercial never gets old? I've been watching it for 20 years at least and I'm still captivated by it. And I still want one. I don't know why I don't just pony up the $40 and buy it. Also? The Xpress Redi-Set-Go. I've been watching that one for a few years too, but haven't bothered to buy it. Mainly because I'd have to buy three of them to cook enough of anything for the whole family. But if I was a single college girl again, it would be mine.

Anyway, the product I succumbed to this time is Wen*. It's a hair product. If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you'll know that I've had some, ummm...issues with my hair. I got the most horrific haircut of my life two years ago and just when it started to recover, I had gastric bypass surgery and half of it fell out and the other half turned dry, frizzy and brittle. I haven't had a haircut in more than a year and it still doesn't reach my shoulders. My hair is a sad and pathetic sight to behold. So, I spend a lot of money on expensive shampoos and conditioners and products. Some help a little, but not much.

So anyway, I was laying on the couch one morning and the infomercial for Wen came on. It claimed it would do all the things I needed something--anything--to do for my hair. The before and afters were impressive, and hey, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Kelly Taylor Melissa Gilbert and Jennie Garth were endorsing it, so it must work! And while $30 a month for hair care seems a little steep, when I added it up, I've actually been spending more than that at the store.

So I ordered it.

And the first four days I hated it. I was ready to get a refund. My hair felt matted and it looked weird and felt weird. But I decided to give it the full week it recommends before I gave up. On day five it was like the heavens opened up and smiled upon my ratty hair. It was softer. I needed no styling products at all. It was far curlier than it ever had been, and far less frizzy. It was fuller and thicker and I no longer appeared to be balding. In short, it was awesome**. So, score one for Chaz Dean*** and his no shampoo approach to life.

I will say that I wish it had a fresher smell. It's almond and mint scented, which is fine, but I like a soapy, fresh scent for my hair. And the styling cream is just too sticky for me, so I'm glad it was free. And I hate that they automatically ship you a three month supply every three months. I'd rather buy it one bottle at a time when I felt like it. But, the results are totally worth it.

Now...I wonder if the Ronco Dehydrator would live up to my expectations?

*Wen, Chaz Dean and Guthy-Renker have no idea who I am. They did not send me anything for free in exchange for a review. I wish I had enough clout that companies sent me crap, but I don't.

**I took a picture and was going to show you a before and after, but in the pictures you couldn't see a difference. But trust me, it's there. And the lady in the child care center at the Y, who has seen me five days a week for the past 18 months, asked what I was doing differently with my hair today.

***Do you think Chaz Dean is his real name? I'm going with no.

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