Thursday, November 11, 2010

Greetings from Appalachia!

So, there is no internet in our cabin. Not even dial up. I've got my laptop plugged into my phone and I'm using my phone's internet to post this.

On one hand, that's pretty cool. On the other hand, it's pretty slow.

Anyway, a quick update on my Hillbilly Vacation:

1. The cabin is so high in the mountains, on such steep and windy roads, that I'm convinced I'm going to die every time we leave.

2. I'm pretty sure someone dismembered a body and washed it down the kitchen sink, or at least that what it smells like. I've dumped an entire bottle of bleach down the drain, but the odor is still there.

3. The first day here I woke up with a raging fever, runny nose, congested chest, sore throat, a cold sore roughly the size of Texas AND my period (a week early). So, super romantic! And I blew all the vacation money on Sudafed, Abreva and tampons.

4. The scenery really is gorgeous. We biked and hiked yesterday, and plan to do more of the same today (despite the fact that I feel like I might die).

5. There is an elaborate Christmas light display all throughout the city of Gatlinburg, and they turn it on TONIGHT!

6. The top half of the mountain we're staying on is a private community of rental cabins, but the bottom half is not. There are real life hillbilly cabins down there. One with an outhouse.

7. We were stuck driving about 4 miles an hour on an 11 mile scenic loop yesterday because the car at the front of the line was apparently awestruck by deer. They're just freaking deer! Get over it and drive!

8. Apparently there is no such thing as hillbilly postcards. So, those of you who sent your addresses--you'll be getting normal postcards. Sorry.

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