Thursday, November 4, 2010

My pannus: A retrospective.

So, this should make all the people who secretly (and not so secretly) hoped I'd get fat again happy.

It's been six months today since I had my tummy tuck. I've had quite a few people ask how it looks now, if I have scars, etc... So, I decided the six month mark would be a good time to show how it looks so far. I'll show you again in May at one year, and then I promise you'll never have to see my pasty torso ever again. Unless you ask me nicely.

In addition to seeing the how the scars healed (or didn't, as is the case), you get to see my 17 pound weight gain. Umm, yay.

This 17 pounds is killing me. It depresses me. I honestly feel fatter than I did when I weighed 305 pounds. I feel like a complete failure that 1) I gained the weight and B) I can't seem to lose it.

My body has decided it likes the extra pounds and is all, "Screw you, bitch!" at any attempt to make it go away.

Also depressing is that I had started getting a glimmer of defined upper abs just before the tummy tuck, but because of how the skin and muscles had to be sewn together, I'm now permanently fleshy in the area just below my sternum. The plastic surgeon said I had so much excess skin, the only way to make that area tight again was to extend my scar up to my collar bone. So, I'm fleshy.

And? I have a weird indentation above the right side of my belly button (it'll be on your left as you're looking at the picture). And my waist is still very uneven, and always will be unless I decide to have more major surgery.

Now, some of you might be thinking that I had a bad surgeon. I didn't. Let me make that clear. These are all things he said are possible when you have as much hanging skin as I did.

And even with all the things that aren't so pretty about it, I would still do it again tomorrow. I no longer have a pannus whacking against my thighs when I walk, so that right there makes it worth everything.

So anyway, without further ado, My pannus through the ages:

First, the obligatory kittens to protect those with picture previews on their blog rolls.

My pannus, pre-tummy tuck.

A few days post tummy tuck. It was so smooth and lovely back then...

And today. Lumpy, bumpy, and 17 pounds fatter.
Go, me.

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