Friday, November 5, 2010

You're still awesome, just wrong.

So, I was reading the comments on yesterday's post and I started thinking that maybe I just had a really warped body image. Maybe I was just fine with my 17 extra pounds. I was planning to write a post telling you all that you're awesome for making me feel better.

But then I had to run some errands. And it's very, very cold here today so I got out my coat. You remember--my really cute poppy-covered coat? The one I was totally in love with? The one that made me feel cute and even a little bit sassy?

This one.


Click on it so you can see how my non existent boobs are about to burst that button right off and possibly take someone's eye out.

So now I just feel even fatter than I did yesterday when I put my stomach on display for the whole world to see. So, it wasn't so much that you made me feel better. You apparently just made me temporarily delusional.

Thanks a lot, internets.
I need some Oreos.

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