Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love you guys. For realsies.

So, I want to thank all of you who donated to Liam and Amelia's Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. Other than myself and the grandparents, every single donation came from YOU. Most of the donations came from names I didn't even recognize. You were all beyond generous. I was completely amazed as the donations came in. And then I started wondering if I made up a charity if you'd be equally as generous. Because I'd kind of like to go a on a cruise.

Between the two of them, $365 was raised, which accounted for just under half of what the entire school raised. So, that's kind of a big deal, and it was all due to you.

Also due to you will be my complete and total mental breakdown after dealing with a five year old AND a six year old with dart guns. You guys just had to keep being generous, didn't you?

Thanks to you, they each earned a set of these. The product description makes me want to cry.
"Launch the 6.5 inch foam missiles and hear them whistle as they fly. The 14 inch launcher extends to 23 inches for maximum pumping action. Each set includes three missiles."
Umm, also? A toy store called InAndOut toys should probably not include descriptions like "extends to 23 inches for maximum pumping action." Because I'm guessing they get a lot of hits from people not looking for dart guns. Just saying.

In other good news, if you look at your address bar, you'll see that you were redirected to my NEW address. Turns out the guy I talked to at Google was an idiot. The whole DNS thing is for people who have non-Blogger blogs. So, there it is. I'm officially a dot com.

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