Sunday, February 6, 2011

Putting mysef in the corner.

Sorry for neglecting you my dear internets. I got busy. I'll show you what I was doing later this week when it's done. I know, you're on the edges of your seats with anticipation.

Anyway, as punishment I will immediately put myself in the corner.

This corner.

This is a little nook in the corner of my bedroom. I love it. I lock my door and curl up here with a book (or my laptop) when I need to escape. It has saved my children's lives numerous times this week.

And speaking of saving children's lives, THANK YOU! I've been completely awed by your donations to the American Heart Association. Because of you, Liam and Amelia have raised over $200, which is more than one third of the total for the whole school. You guys rock.
You can still donate until February 17th. Click HERE to donate to Liam. Click HERE to donate to Amelia. And if you missed what this is all about, click HERE.

And if it's any added incentive for you, if Liam gets $5 more in donations, he'll earn a freakin' dart gun. Because that's what I need--a six year old with ADHD and a dart gun.

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