Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Give a little bit of your heart to me.

I'm hoping that if I butter you up with a gratuitous picture of Will nursing a kitten you'll give more.

So, I'm about to go all Annoying Mommy Blogger on you and use my blog for my kids' fundraiser.

I know.

Normally I don't participate in school fundraisers. I have three kids, which means I have to buy whatever they're hawking from all three. They can't go door to door because every single household in our neighborhood has kids selling the same crap. And most of our friends and family live far away. Or in the internets.

And even if none of those things were an issue, I still wouldn't participate because the stuff they sell is crap. And they pressure the kids into it by offering things like free ice cream and Silly Bandz, and if you're going to use tactics that make my kid cry over not earning Silly Bandz, you're not getting my business. They don't need new books anyway. Just scratch out the "48" on the number of states and write in 50. It's not that hard.

Anyway, this is different. They're not selling anything. They're going to jump rope. And it's not for the school. It's for The American Heart Association.

For those of you who may not know, Liam was born with multiple life threatening heart defects. He was possibly going to need a heart transplant. But, a surgeon in Philadelphia knew a procedure that might save him and prevent the need for a transplant. This procedure was developed by another heart surgeon who used research grants from The American Heart Association.

So, when they ask us to raise money, I do it.

And really, not donating is pretty much like killing cute little kids. Could you sleep at night knowing you killed a kid because you decided to buy Dr. Pepper and an Us Weekly instead of donating? I think not.

Liam and Amelia each have a donation page set up. Their classes are competing for the most donations. So, if you feel so inclined to donate, you can split the amount between the two or you can pick your favorite kid and set this up to be a real live battle to the death.

You can choose to donate anonymously, or you can list your name. Or you can even list a fake name like Captain Studly Pants. And you can donate ANY amount.

To donate to Liam's page, click HERE.
To donate to Amelia's page, click HERE.

Thanks, internets! You're Awesome. Unless you don't donate. Then you're a kid killer.

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