Sunday, February 27, 2011

Phoning it in.

So, this is my first attempt at phone-blogging. And the reason why? I have the plague. I'm pretty sure I might die.

I can't even think about the effort it might take to crawl up the stairs where my laptop is.

I felt fine this morning. I showered, got dressed, all that. And as I was feeding the kids Amelia puked all over the kitchen. Later, she was desperately trying not to throw up, and her efforts caused her to instead projectile vomit out her nose.

And now I have it. This has been my view for most of the day.

If I die, I fully expect you all to make sure my funeral wishes are carried out to my specifications.

Oh terrific. The tornado siren just went off, which is weird considering there's no wind or anything. So now I get to be on my deathbed while crammed in a half bath with all 3 kids.

This day just keeps getting better and better.

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