Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two things.

1. I'm switching over to a dot com. That's right, internets. Blogger told me I was clogging their internet toobz, so I have to get my very own domain. Whatever link you have right now will continue to work. However, if you want to update your links, the new one is

It'll be a few days before that works. It's not even working for me right now. So maybe hold off on updating those links for a bit.

Also, how annoying is it that I had to add "The" to it? Someone registered plain old, and I can't even look at it to see if it's as lame as I bet it is because my malware protection blocks it. So, not only did they steal my domain, but they're using it for evil. Loser.

Anyway, you may experience a few technical difficulties here over the next few days.

2. I will apparently be attending Gay Spring Break in Las Vegas on March 20th. I'm guessing that's a million times more fun (and fabulous!) than regular spring break. I even have a chick with a Bieber haircut to go with me. I'm pretty sure The Weekend of Awesome just got a lot more awesomererer.

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