Friday, September 5, 2008

Get Back, Honky Cat

First let me share how my morning started. I was in the shower washing my hair with my back turned to the shower curtain. I get that creepy feeling that someone is watching me. I turn around and see this:

(re-creation for your viewing enjoyment)

It was like a scene from The Shining or something. He just stood there silently with his light saber.

Then he asked for some Fruit Loops and went and played Whack-a-Mole Tower in his room until breakfast.

Hopefully he'll just grow up and be "quirky" and not "The dog told me that it'll really impress Jodie Foster if I assassinate the president."

Later, I was at the grocery store with Amelia. A little background first: we get about 4 radio stations that aren't rap. One is easy listening. One is oldies. One is classic rock. One is country. Odds are, at any given moment 3 out of 4 of them will be playing old Elton John. Today was such a day. We heard "Honky Cat" 3 times before we got to the grocery store. Also, Amelia was in a mood.

So, we're in line to check out. The lady behind me leans forward and says to Amelia, "You're such a pretty little thing..." Amelia points at the woman and yells, "Get back, honky cat!!"

Every one within earshot was cracking up. The lady, who ironically was black, was laughing the hardest. She said it was the first time anyone had ever called her honky her whole life.

Deceptively innocent looking...


  1. I have no idea what that song is, but now I have to go listen to it because Amelia's comment got me laughing so hard!

  2. Oh my gosh Brandi! I was laughing so hard at your story. My kids have embarrassed me at the store many a time. Also Liam with his light saber. He is such a funny kid. The radio stations here at the WORST! I have found only one station that I can stand. What is up with that?

  3. hahahaha

    The other day, it was quiet. I looked over and there was just toilet paper everywhere. Serves me right, I suppose. So, I guess at least with noise you know what's going on.

    We're also still lucky because Laura doesn't speak yet. We're in trouble when she does!


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