Monday, September 8, 2008

Random Monday ramblings

So, I was watching "Father of the Bride" this morning--the Steve Martin remake. All I could think about was how much Steve Martin and Diane Keaton look like John McCain and Sarah Palin.

See, look:

Eerie, isn't it?

Of course I also thought Mike Huckabee looked like evil President Logan from "24."

Moving on...

I was going to post these pictures of the kids looking all sweet and lovely yesterday:

Aren't they cute? Ben even let me take his picture.

But all plans involving my computer were put on hold.

Liam decided to hang from my desk and ripped it out of the wall, sending everything crashing to the floor.

Luckily nothing broke, but now I'm typing from my kitchen counter until we find a new desk solution. I've only got 45" of space and normal desks are always wider.
Too bad IKEA is 2 hours away.


  1. Did you check online? If they ship that particular item, it isn't too costly.

    And since you mentioned...they kinda do look like my fav father of the bride stars.

  2. I love the comparisons! The kids look adorable and they're all growing up so fast. Amelia's hair is so curly, I love it!

  3. OH no Brandi!!! I'm glad nothing was broken. Yeah for that. Hey if you want to do that Atlanta trip let me know. We can go together...

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