Friday, September 26, 2008

Got Gas?

No, really. Do you?

Everywhere around here is out. Totally out.

I'm sort of lazy about checking my gas level. I tend to just drive until I hear the ding! of the gas light coming on, then I panic and get gas immediately.

Yesterday I was headed out to the store, and as I backed down my driveway--ding!

No big deal, I thought. There's a gas station about 500 feet from my house. Hey--there's no price listed! And there're bags over all the pumps. Aw crap, they're out of gas.

Still not panicking too much--there are two more stations less than a mile away. Unfortunately they were both out of gas also.

I don't dare to drive onto post to see if they're out because if they are, I'll surely run out of gas. So, I call and ask if they have any gas, or if they're out too. That gets hysterical laughter from the clerk. She says, "Honey, we be sellin' the gas for $3.27 a gallon. Of course we all out!"

I remember there's a BP down the road a bit, so I head there, praying fervently.

Yes! They have gas! I wait in line behind 20 cars (no lie). Finally it's my turn. It's $4.59 a gallon, but I really have no choice at this point. And then I remember that we're leaving on a road trip today--I need to get a full tank because who knows when we'll be able to fill up again.

For some reason they would only let you get $25 worth at a time, so 3 card swipes and $75 later the tank was full. And then I fainted. And then I woke up and looked at the price and fainted again.


Will always teases me and says I need to get one of these:

He may just be onto something.

***UPDATE*** The BP is now out of gas. We are officially gasless.


  1. why? What's going on in America? Is it really a depression or what? You guys are scaring me out...

  2. That's crazy! We have gas (well, the state, not ME). I actually have to fill the tank up at lunch time. I brought my lunch, but I'm thinking I deserve a treat for getting gas in the rain. I can eat my leftovers over the weekend.

    We shouldn't be up to $75, but it'll be close. So makes me cry.

  3. I am freaking out because I only have half a tank and have you seen the lines out there? It is insane. I'm sure we'll run out before I can fill up. I will have to be a shut-in this weekend.

  4. We went to the temple yesterday and we went to 8 gas stations all out. We said a prayer and found a place with gas but had to wait about 30 min to fill up. it's so CRAZY!!!

  5. whoa! I'll find you my favorite Japanese picture, it's a lady with three kid seats on her bike. Good idea, no?

    I guess I shouldn't complain about paying $4.06 since I can actually get gas.

  6. I'm actually looking at getting a tricycle. Those look so super fun.

    No depression, just the mother of all corrections. Still sucky.


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