Thursday, September 11, 2008

I forgot.

They tell us we should "never forget," and I agree, but today, for the first time in 7 years, I forgot. Ben came running out of his room this morning to tell us we were being attacked by terrorists. I remembered.

I explained that the radio was just playing clips from when the attacks happened on September 11th, 2001--7 years ago, when he was 2. He's learned about it before-- from us, from school, but he asked about it again anyway. I went through the events of that day with him. We were visiting my parents in New Hampshire, Will was in Germany. We were supposed to fly home to Germany the next day.

I told him about the planes hitting the towers and the pentagon. I told him there was a 4th plane that might have flown into the White House or the Capitol or someplace else in Washington, D.C., but that the people on board found out what was happening and they fought back and the plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. And even though all those people died, they were heroes because they saved so many other lives that day. Talking about flight 93 always gets to me--I guess knowing that they knew what would happen makes it worse somehow. Anyway, I was fighting tears at that point so I told him about how he was just learning to talk and that he learned the word "Bush" that day. Every time the president came on TV he would holler, "There's Bush!"

On the way to school there were more radio tributes and we talked about the firemen and policemen and paramedics and just regular people who died trying to help others that day. I told him how worried I was about my friends who worked in Washington D.C and New York, but they were all O.K.

I was also able to tell him about finally flying back to Germany, and how I got him drunk on wine coolers in his sippy cup before the flight because everyone's nerves were on edge and couldn't tolerate a screaming toddler. How the flights were empty because people were scared. How the Irish flight attendant on the British Airways flight cried when she heard we were American and had flown out of Boston. How when we got back to the Army post there were flowers and candles and letters all over the security fences and gates, left by Germans.

How could I have forgotten?

I know there are lots of sappy tribute videos out there and I'm going to post one anyway. I hope you take time to watch it and remember.


  1. What a beautiful tribute and recollections of that day. Everyone remembers where they were that day and the events surrounding it. Yet, here we are six years later and I forgot it was 9/11! You had me at wine coolers in a sippy cup! Did you really have to do that?? I guess a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. Great post Brandi.

  2. okay, I meant 7 years! See, I can't even count.

  3. Brandi,
    Thanks for the tribute. It seems like I remember the events on Sept. 11 2001 anyday but today. I mean I knew if was coming up but then today came and almost went and I had to stop and think about oh yeah today is Sept 11th. How sad is that? I can't believe it's been 7 years. Wow!!! one thing I remember is calling all my family and crying with them. Thanks for this post. It's important to REMEMBER!!!!

  4. Sarah, I really did get him drunk. It was more like half a wine cooler mixed with juice. I had a good reason though. I'll post about it tomorrow. I've gotten a bunch of e-mails asking about it now.


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