Friday, January 8, 2010

Hell had better have frozen over.

Guess whose county decided to have a two hour delay for school today? Yeah, mine.

They didn't decide this based on any actual weather conditions (it's a little cloudy, dry and and in the mid 20's right now). They decided this last night because we were maybe going to get a light dusting of snow.


A dusting.

Which didn't happen.

So now I have to skip the Y today, including the Torture with Tex class that I'm still in pain from that I just started this week. He's going to think I sissied out.

And the thing is, what good would a two hour delay do if there had been snow? It's not like the state owns plows or salt or sanding trucks. If it was snowy at 7:30, it'd still be snowy at 9:30.

I swear they do it once a year just to do it. They did it last year. We won't be here, but I'm sure they'll do it next year, too.

Next year we'll be living someplace where three feet of snow overnight might get you an excused tardiness. None of this delaying school over the possibility that a few flakes might fall and, heaven forbid, a puddle might freeze.

Have I mentioned that I freakin' hate Georgia? Because I do.

(Since I preempted the usual lunchtime poll topic with a rant, I'll do the LTPT tomorrow. It's a good one.)

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