Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Morning Confessions

1. I'm truly afraid I'll freeze to death when we move to New York. We're in the middle of a cold snap here--lows in the teens, highs in the high thirties/low forties (I know, shut up. It's cold for Georgia.) Anyway, I'm cold all the time. My fingers and lips are always purple. I shiver even when I'm inside. I needed some things from the frozen foods at the store today but I was so cold, even inside the store, that I couldn't do it. What will I do when I'm in NY and it's in the negative numbers?

2. I'm on a temporary swimming hiatus. See #1.

3. I almost became one of those mothers last week. The kind that force their daughters to look a certain way even when the daughter wants something different. Amelia has been begging for a haircut for awhile. She hates having her hair brushed and styled every morning. But I liked her long, wavy hair--It was to the middle of her back. Anyway, I was taking the boys for haircuts and Amelia started in again. And I realized that if I couldn't give in over something as unimportant hair length now, then I could possibly look forward to a future where she practically shaves her head and sticks a safety pin through her eyebrow for sophomore pictures (which is a totally true story about someone I know whose mother made her choose between having bangs and getting her ears pierced, because doing both would surely turn her into a godless whore).

Still cute with short hair.

4. Yesterday I let a very tiny but very powerful man named Tex totally kick my butt. I decided to try the Commando Cardio class at the Y. It should really be renamed "You'll feel like you're going to die but you'll secretly like it until you wake up bloodied, bruised and unable to walk the next day Cardio." Tex is a hardcore dude. His itty-bitty stature fools you into thinking you can handle his class. Next week Sylwia is coming with me. Little does Tex know that his class will suddenly become bra-optional.

5. I haven't read a book in 4 months. How sad is that? I used to read at least 4 per month. If I bleach my hair and buy a chihuahua, somebody stage an intervention.

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