Sunday, January 31, 2010

Liam is Jesus' right hand man.

This is Liam.

This is his version of God's Plan.

"That's me. That's Jesus. We're shiny because we have bodies. That's Satan. He's in the dark because he's bad [you have to read "bad" in Liam's slight southern drawl: Baa-yad] and he doesn't have a body. That's me and Jesus lighting the path to Earth for Amelia. She's shiny, too. Those are houses for people to live in. Jesus built them. That's the moon. It's shiny but I didn't make it yellow because it's white. See that green? It's 'upposed to be the grass. See that blue? That's the river. The biggest river is the United Steaks of America. And that big grass is also the United Steaks of America. I was going to draw some angels but I got too tired. Angels have bodies but they wear special coats so I wouldn't make them shiny. Jesus is wearing a coat but it's just a regular robe that goes like this [imagine Liam making wooshing sound effects while his arms flailed wildly around his shoulders ] so he's still shiny. And when people die me and Jesus will light their path back to heaven. I'm going to play Legos now."

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