Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a New Year Miracle!

So, remember how I was really sad because two of my most special Christmas ornaments disappeared this year?

Umm, so guess what magically appeared today as I was taking down the decorations?

I swear, I took everything--everything--out of my ornament storage boxes looking for them. I uncrumpled every single piece of tissue paper. They were gone. Gone, I tell you.

But now they're back.

Kind of like the cat we had when I was middle school.

We came home one night and she was dead on the side of the road. Her head was squished--she'd obviously been run over. My step father took her body off the road and into some trees for the night. When he went back to bury her the next morning, she was gone. We assumed an animal had dragged her off and eaten her. A couple of months later she showed up at the front door. She was completely retarded and had hallucinations, but she was back.

Like my ornaments.

Oh happy day!

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