Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lunchtime Poll Topic #23

So, before I get to today's LTPT, I just have to share this. Last night I had a very bizarre dream that I was shaving kittens and sticking weird little rubber caps on their heads. FYI: Kittens are hard to shave.


Here's today's topic:

Do you think that women and men should have differing requirements for the same job?

No!! Heck no! Oh hell to the no, Bobby Brown.
This situation comes up in jobs like being a policeman, or a firefighter or in the military. The physical requirements/tests that women have to qualify for those jobs are (usually) much less than what is required for males.

Sure, it's been shown scientifically that women are physically different.

But do you want to be the person that a woman who can only lift 100 pounds is rescuing from a blazing fire? Yeah, me neither.

I think in those types of jobs, one set of requirements needs to be established, and anyone who can meet them, regardless of gender, qualifies for the job.

"But Brandi," some of you feminists might say, "that could essentially keep women entirely out of certain career fields. That's not fair!"

Honey, life isn't fair. Get over it. If you can't do the job, you can't do the job.

And this needs to go for age as well. I don't think the physical requirements should be less for those over a certain age. If they have to do the same job they needed to do 5 years earlier, then they need to be able to meet those same physical standards. If they can no longer meet them, it's time for a desk job.

What do you think?

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