Monday, January 25, 2010

Miss Scarlett in the bedroom with algae-fix

I'm officially the worst mother ever. I know people like to give themselves that title and joke about it, but I'm the real deal today.

I killed Ben's fish.

Not deliberately, but I could possibly have prevented it and chose not to.

And it wasn't a quick death.

Friday night I added some water to the tank, and some algae was growing on the rock cave we have in there, so I added algae-fix to the water. Except I forgot to add it to the jug of fresh water before I poured it in, so I just added it directly to the tank. No biggie--I've done that before. Except the cap was loose and instead of 5 drops, I poured in...oh...about 1/4 of the bottle.

A good mother would have pumped out most of the water and refilled it. As I already stated, I took the bad mother route. I just left it and hoped for the best. Also, I didn't mention my little chemical spill to anyone.

Saturday--the fish was fine.

Sunday--the fish was a little sluggish and his blue wasn't as brilliant. I was slightly worried.

This morning--the fish was quite literally disintegrating. There was a big, blue fin just laying on the floor of the tank. An eye was gone. His skin was peeling. It was pretty bad, but he was still alive. Which honestly, made it worse.

And of course Ben cried. All morning, all the way to school.

I just checked and the fish has officially gone to the big fish tank in the sky.

I guess my punishment is that I now have to deal with disposing of a disintegrated fish and cleaning out the tank.


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