Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Monday Ever.

So, first of all, today is the first day in a week that I didn't wake up certain that I would die by nightfall. So that's an improvement. I can almost even breathe today!

Second of all, I TOTALLY GOT MY TUMMY TUCK SCHEDULED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for yelling. I'm kind of excited.

Not me, obviously, but the before is pretty darn similar to me right now.
I'm hoping my after will be as good.

May 4th is the date, internets. Five weeks and a day until I will have a semi-normal looking abdomen. I'll have big scars--one running vertically from just below my sternum all the way down to my newly built belly button and another running horizontally from one hip bone to the other. Sometimes the scars fade nicely and are hardly noticeable. Sometimes they keloid and look not so nice. I'll take scars over my mutant pannus any old day of the week. Scars I can live with. Having my abdomen whack against my thighs during spin class I can't.

Oh, and guess what? He said that I have "great muscles." He said I would possibly have ab definition as soon as the post op swelling subsided.

And I'm an inch taller than I used to be. I have been 5'5" since I was 17. But Friday they measured me and said I was 5'6". I thought it was weird, so I measured at home. Yup, 5'6". And then they measured me again today in the plastic surgeon's office and I was still 5'6". So, why am I so excited over an inch? Because it lowered my BMI a whole point. And it also means that my stupid slouching hump is mostly gone.

Another reason that today is the best Monday ever? He said that I could expect to lose 5 pounds from the tummy tuck. How awesome is that?

Best frakking Monday ever.

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