Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Internets, I'm still sick. Like, sweating then freezing, can't breathe, cough all night, want to die sick. So, that's one thing.

Another thing, Ft. Campbell is now official. We have a request for orders. Oh, and you've heard of a little story called Black Hawk Down? That will be Will's new unit. Umm, yay?

A third thing, I just found out that the Army hospital here lost all record that Liam and I have to see specialists, so I have to start from scratch getting it all into the system again.

And just so this isn't all negative, have you seen the new line of stuff at Target from Liberty of London? I want to buy all of it. No really. All of it.

O.K., the profuse sweating has started again. I'm going back to bed.

By the way, is anyone free to watch Amelia at 8:30 Friday morning? For about an hour?

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