Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lost time.

When I typed in that title I only meant that it was finally time to talk about Lost this week. But, I just realized that it also explains why I feel like I lost a freakin' hour of sleep last night. I hate moving the clocks ahead. Why do we still do this? WHY??? It makes me want to live in Arizona.

Anyway. Lost.

Since it's been almost a week, I'm a little fuzzy on the details. But here's what I remember.

1. Jack finally put on his big girl panties and didn't spend the whole episode crying.

2. I'm so, so glad Ben redeemed himself in both timelines. He's been my favorite character since he first showed up.

3. No Sawyer AGAIN. At least he was in the previews for next week. I really want to know what he's been up to while Unlocke has been out killing everybody and building an army.

4. Widmore is back in the sub. Do you think he's good or bad? I'm guessing bad. And I think Desmond will show up soon, too. And I think Desmond will somehow be key in resolving everything.

5. Answers we got in this episode: Richard did in fact land on the island in the Black Rock slave ship and Jacob made him immortal. Everything that happened up until 1977 still happened, and then that point is where the timelines split (There had been some question about this, but the conversation Ben had with his dad seemed to confirm it. They went to the island when Ben was a child, but they left soon after).

And...that's it.

I think I need to re-watch it before Tuesday.

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