Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So, yesterday Liam came home from school with three cans of ravioli.

I asked him where he got them and he said his teacher gave them to him.

I asked if she gave any to the other kids. He said no, just him.

I asked if he knew why she gave him ravioli. He said it was because he likes it.

And now I'm paranoid that his kindergarten teacher thinks we're destitute and need Chef Boyardee to sustain our children. I don't want her thinking we're the poor, hungry family. I want to write her a note telling her that we don't even qualify for reduced lunches anymore and that my kids get to choose from, like, 50 kinds of cereal every morning--none of them WIC approved. I want to tell her that we have so much food that my craft table ended up being a de facto pantry because I ran out of cupboard space.

I bet this is because my kids are all scrawny.

Before I lost weight, I used to be paranoid that people would look at my skinny kids and then look at morbidly obese me and assume that I kept all the free government cheese, Cheerios and Juicy Juice for my self and fed the kids saltines.

Or that maybe I started out with five kids but ate two of them.

I have issues, I know.

Speaking of issues, I saw this yesterday and it made me laugh.
No worries, it's completely appropriate. And fun. And it'll be stuck in your head all day (don't forget to pause my playlist before you watch it).

Oh, by the way, THIS was the picture I was going to put at the beginning of the post, but I'm just not in the mood for the hate mail. (It's not dirty or vulgar or even inappropriate, but some people--the kind with no sense of humor--might find it too irreverent for their liking).

***Please note: There's nothing wrong with being poor or being on WIC. Believe me, I worked the WIC for as long as I could. And we're still poor--just not so poor that we can't feed our kids.***

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