Sunday, March 21, 2010

This is getting kind of ridiculous.

So, I just slept until 10:00. I'm pretty sure I haven't done that in years.

There's some sort of plague in our house that won't go away. This is the third Sunday in a row that I've missed church because either I or the kids (or both) have been sick.

This week it's me and Ben and Amelia. Last week was Liam and Amelia. The week before was just me.

Fevers. Chills. Nasty respiratory crud. Headaches. Vomiting.

It's a real party at our house!

And it particularly sucks because the weather has been beyond gorgeous this week, but we haven't really been able to go out and enjoy it.

So, if you don't hear from me much in the next few days, just know that it's because I'm mired in the land of snot and puke.

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