Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's like a rest home around here.

So, Liam and Amelia have some sort plague that has turned them into little puking machines. They're passed out on the couch.

I'm still feeling pretty craptastic myself, and now I may have whole new freaking disease to blame for it.

My doctor called this morning with my lab results. Turns out I'm not having a flare up of Lupus after all, and my kidneys are spectacularly healthy. So that's the good news.

The bad news is that my thyroid levels were uber-crazy-abnormal. Apparently I have acute hyperthyroidism. There could be several things causing it. A virus, which means it's just temporary. Unfortunately the likelihood of that is pretty low. A tumor, which would suck. Or Grave's Disease, which is the most likely cause. Grave's disease, like Lupus, is an autoimmune disorder. If I have it, it means that my immune system has decided that my thyroid is the enemy and is attacking it.


My immune system needs anger management classes.

Anyway, next week I get to get pumped full of radioactive iodine (which by the way, I'm allergic to!) to see exactly what's up. And then two days later I get to find out what the crazy lump in my abdomen is. Seriously, someone needs to get Kathy Griffin on speed dial. That eulogy won't write itself.

Oh, and further proof that I'm the unluckiest person alive? The vast majority of people lose weight with hyperthyroidism. I've gained weight. Thanks, universe.

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