Tuesday, March 29, 2011

About that new header...

So, with all the flurry about Las Vegas, I completely forgot to mention the new header. A couple of Saturdays ago I got a text from my number one minion*, Bennet. It said, "There is a 93 percent chance you will get something in the mail from me today. Don't pass out from excitement."

And so I ran out to the mail box, and there it was. A hand painted picture of me (looking far skinnier than I really am, which is why she's my number one minion) wearing the red bathing suit I wanted to be buried in if I'd died during the tummy tuck and holding the best food ever invented.

And I passed out from excitement.

O.K., not really, but I did squeal and jump up and down.

And then I immediately e-mailed her (you know, the whole phone phobia thing) and asked if it could be my new header.

I had just made that other new header, but people kept e-mailing me about it because they weren't aware that the giant building was the tower of Babel, you know, in Babylon, and it was getting old explaining it.

So, perfect timing on her part.

And then I started getting e-mails about the new header. Because it was missing my MOLE. Bennet is a kind and generous soul. She didn't feel the need to immortalize my giant facial tumor in a painting. But apparently the rest of you do.

So, with her blessing, I broke out my outdated and bootleg version of Paintshop Pro and added a mole. And since Bennet hadn't actually seen me in person in 14 months, she didn't know my hair was a lot longer, so I went ahead and changed that too. So what you see up there now is a slightly bastardized version of her masterpiece.

My husband said it was "interesting," which is his code word for "Please don't get us excommunicated this week. Please?" Whenever he breaks out "interesting" I know I've achieved my goal.

Oh, and the best part? As a bonus, Bennet's daughter, Tenacious G, sent me her own version.

I really had a hard time deciding which one to use.

*Pretty much anyone who sends me stuff can be my number one minion.

**Like the header? Want something similar for yourself? Contact Bennet at JusticeLeagueUnite@Hotmail.com. I don't even know if she's taking commissions, but it wouldn't hurt to ask her.

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