Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Proposition 8

No, no. Not that one. Monique proposed I answer these 8 groups of 8 questions. So I will.

Notice I'm not calling this a tag. A tag implies I'll make 8 of my friends do this, and I'm in the Christmas spirit, so I won't do that.

8 Favorite TV Shows:

2. Project Runway
3. Top Chef
4. Top Design
5. Ghost Hunters
6. House Hunters International
7. No Reservations
8. Iron Chef America

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. Took kids to school
2. Napped
3. Played Little People with Amelia
4. Paid the bills
5. Grounded Ben
6. Cooked a yummy roast pork
7. Washed my kitchen floor

8. Thought unkind thoughts about old people

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to:

1. Christmas
2. Grandchildren who act just like their parents did
3. Amelia being potty trained
4. A two ounce capacity stomach
5. The Minnick's apple butter :)
6. Obama's wealth sharing. Dude, I'm broke!
Re-doing my bathrooms
8. Getting my room completely unpacked. Someday.

8 Things you would like to be remembered for:

1. My super fabulous blog, for which I am apparently famous (according to two people)
2. My super fabulous curry dip,
for which I am apparently famous (according to a lot of people)
3. My super fabulous cranberry sauce, for which I am apparently famous (according to me)
4. Three superbly well behaved children (yeah, I can't even type that without laughing)
5. Winning Miss USA 1996
The Fort Meade Ward 2007 Cook Book (I spent hours on that thing! )
7. Turning Ricky Martin straight
8. Surpassing Oprah as the richest black woman in America

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. Thai Garden (Keene, New Hampshire)
2. Shang Ri La (Martinez, Georgia)
3. Sahin's Kebap House (Mannheim, Germany)
4. Hardees (NOT Carl's Jr.)
5. Luiggi's Pizza (Lewiston, Maine)
6. Captain Newick's (Portland, Maine)
7. Don Pedro's (Evanston, Wyoming)
8. Gellateria de Venizia (Ladenberg, Germany)

8 Things on my Wish List

1. A shiny new minivan
2. A house on the North East coast of Spain designed by me (with no mortgage, of course)
3. Le Crueset 3 quart enameled cast iron dutch oven (preferably in lime green)
4. Photoshop
5. A room just for sewing and crafts
6. To look like Gisele Bundchen
7. Open holed solid silver flute with ornately engraved headjoint
8. Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men

8 Pet Peeves

1. Crumbs in the butter
2. Hair on the soap
3. People who block the entire aisle at the grocery store--and continue to do so even after they see you standing there saying excuse me.
4. People who do things because "that's how my parents/grandparents/whoever always did it." Get a brain--think for yourself!
5. Selfish people
6. Blinkers people. BLINKERS! They are not optional.

7. People who do not respect other people's property and do not teach their kids to respect other people's property.
8. People who assume everyone loves dogs and/or that their dog is welcome everywhere they go.

8 things to ask people

1. Why they think that playing music that celebrates the birth of our Lord and Savior is somehow wrong before Thanksgiving. :)
2. Why some people (whose name rhymes with Candy Mugless) can be normal on her blog but is socially retarded in person?
3. Why can't toddler poop stay where it belongs?
4. How does a 9 year old come up with the idea of fake religious holidays to get out of homework?
5. What's up with Donald Trump's hair?
6. Why do people allow their dogs to lick their mouths? The dog spends all day licking its poop hole.
7. I bet a million dollars that poop hole will now show up as a Google search that directed someone here.
8. Why do the Jehovah's Witnesses who stop by refuse to accept a book of Mormon in exchange for me taking a Watchtower?


  1. Where should I begin? Let's start at the top...gah! I love Lost too! Nothing like all those hot men on an island that means they are often shirtless. Plus ya know, there's all that twisty plot.

    My room is still not unpacked. I've decided when my husband gets home, he can do it. So, don't feel bad.

    All that hard work on the cookbook is much appreciated. Whenever I need a recipe, before I google it, I check the cookbook. I love it so much it came in my carryon. I didn't want luggage to get lost and lose my precious cookbook.

    Blinkers actually are optional in Texas, but if outside of Texas it's severely annoying. Cheyenne driving on the 495 sounded like this: Only I'm allowed to not signal! You have to signal, jerk!

    And finally JWs won't take BoMs because they can't. It's practically apostate of them to read other information on other churches. So the trick is, if one tells you they've read the BoM (this has happened to me) tell them they should be disfellowshipped from their own church because it's against the rules. Okay, don't really say that, but you are now enlightened to know they are lying.

  2. So you did it. SUCKER! :) jk I'm the biggest sucker of them all. for. sure. I love getting to know about you more and more on your blog. I hear you on all the dog stuff. And I loved your pet peeves. :) They just make me laugh! ditto on a few of them.

  3. Isn't it funny how some people are getting to know each other better now that we have missed the opportunity to be good friends in person??!! This is what i think when i read everyone's blogs!

  4. Love your list. Although interesting that your wish list includes a house on the coast of Spain....and a Dutch oven. :-) Please tell me the house in Spain ranks a LITTLE higher on that wish list.

    And btw, Jared is a big crumb-in-the-butter scoundrel. He's also a "stick the whole thing of butter in the microwave (when he just needs to soften enough for his toast), then put the melted gelatinous remains back in the fridge" type. Foul.

  5. OMG, LOVE Captain Newick's! It used to be our favoritest place ever. They changed hands maybe 8-10 years ago and it hasn't been the same since. We like to say it hasn't been the same since they got cloth tableclothes and not the paper. We started going to a couple other places that are ok. We actually get our own lobsters from Bayley's and went to a (new to us) place this year.

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  7. Hello? I'm totally mad at you that we were not friends in our ward. Dammit woman, next time you have to go up to people and say "I am awesome. We're going to be friends"

    (because that's how I'm going to start introducing myself from now on)

    Come to Hawaii! We'll stalk the Lost men together--I've gotten two of them so far! And photographed a baby who once was in an episode with Sawyer--so basically, we're married.


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