Thursday, November 13, 2008

Find what you're looking for?

I just love to see the searches that direct people to my blog, although sometimes it scares me.

Here are my top 10 favorite search parameters that landed people here:

10. Desensitized garlic. I get so many hits from this that I think Delallo Foods owes me commission (paid in jars of garlic, of course).

9. IKEA Fabulous. Kinda sounds like a stripper name.

8. Living in a minivan. I don't recall ever talking about this, but I hope they found what they needed.

7. Evil Georgia. Obviously done by someone who's lived here.

6. Scary Wizit Wednesday. That one just made me laugh.

5. Peace and Harmony. I know they were probably looking for something in the Kumbaya/Hippie category, but what they got was Harmony and her Peace Cookies.

4. Myrtle Gummerson. Someone was probably offended when they saw my version of her.

3. Gas relief. I was talking about the cost!

2. Arachnids of death. Don't worry, our arachnids of death have been thoroughly torched.

And my number one favorite (and most disturbing) search:

1. Lee Greenwood pee. I just don't even want to know...


  1. OOOh, please tell us how you find that out!

  2. I have a free Sitemeter account (look at the very bottom of my right sidebar--there's a green and white box). It lets you see how people got to your page and their approximate location(usually city/state or country/city, but sometimes just country). It also counts how many visitors you get.

  3. That's awesome! lol
    Peace and harmony. ahhh if they only knew.

  4. Hi! I'm new to your blog and wondered if you still live in Georgia. My husband is currently stationed at Ft. Benning.

    Love your humor -- cracks me up!


  5. I do the exact same thing, Brandi! I look and wonder how the heck that they got from point A to my blog, especially when i look at the search page and don't see my blog on the top page. Some people do search for some weird things. But, does that make us weirder for coming up on the page? One of my faves is "birthday spankings". I don't know why since i thought it was obvious what it was, but you never know.


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