Wednesday, November 19, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

I'm like Oprah, without the give-aways.

Mary Kay mineral powder foundation. It's like Photoshop in a jar.

The Libman Wonder Mop. My hands never touch the water.

$1.80 per gallon gas. I filled up (from empty!) for $29.00

Rachael Ray 3.5 quart oval enameled cast iron dutch oven. Now I want a Le Creuset 5.25 quart in lime.

Portabello mushrooms. They're just so good!

My DVR. At first I was peeved when Will brought it home and upped our cable bill, but now I couldn't live without it.

Wii. I love it, and I'm in no way a gamer.

Crocs. I know, they're ugly. But I have diabetic foot issues and they feel good. I also have kids, and crocs can go right in the washing machine (or backyard hose, for that matter) when they get muddy/poopy/peed upon and/or barfed upon.

Lane Bryant. Cute clothes for chubettes like me.

This chair. It's small, yet high. Pefect for pre-schoolers. And it's just so cute!


  1. I can't ever get through your posts without laughing my head off. You're too funny. What day are you actually having surgery? I hope it goes well. I also love mineral powder foundation! I use Bare Minerals and I totally love how it covers my red cheeks better than other makeups. Nice choice!

  2. I can't get into the mineral foundation. I rarely use foundation though, only for special occasions.

    I don't do floors so I don't care what kind of mop Rob uses.

    I do love love love the DVR. I just wish our DVD player worked.

    I love Wii, but I don't think we'd use it if we bought it. Still, I love using everyone else's.

    I tolerate Crocs. I have the flip flop version because my feet are too narrow to keep the regular ones on. I do like the idea of the winter ones that are furry inside. They are comfy. I bought my pair when pregnant and wore them to a standing-only Five for Fighting concert. My feet didn't hurt at all the next day. My knees did, but that's unrelated to footwear. I don't wear them as often now that I'm not pregnant.

    A favorite author is having a gratitude month where everyday she is writing 3-5 things for which she is grateful. I don't have the time, but I'm thinking of doing something similar for Thanksgiving. This post gives me some ideas as well.

  3. You HAD to put one of my favorite Christmas songs on didn't you? Just to tempt me... We wish you a merry Christmas Muppet style. :) I only listened to a few seconds, and I'll tell you why it bugs: It get's me too anxious for Christmas! I'm like a kid that you have to tell 2 min. before they are going to Disney World otherwise they drive you berserk!

  4. I love my DVR, too. No, I don't think that's sufficient - I think I worship it. I think if it were legal under Proclamation 8, I'd marry it. I think I'd like to put a poster of it over my wall like I did with my Shawn Cassidy poster. That's how I feel about my DVR.


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