Friday, November 14, 2008

Rain, ghosts and worms.

I completely forgot about monsoon season here. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of living in this area, Fall brings torrential downpours. And not the kind that last 5 minutes then turn into regular rain. These torrents last half an hour or more at times. Or in yesterday's case, more than an hour. It was so bad, Amelia and I were trapped in Lowe's for an hour. It was raining pretty hard when we got there, but we parked close and ran in side (and even that nearly soaked us). I only needed one thing, but while I was in line the deluge began. It was raining so hard you couldn't see out the door. No one left the store. Not one brave soul. That's how bad it was. Really, it would have been pointless--there's no way you could drive once you made it to your car. So, I got out of line and went to wander in the Christmas department. By now the lightning and thunder had started and the roof seemed to shake with each strike. The rain just wouldn't let up. It was coming down so heavily that the outdoor garden section started to flood into the Christmas department--a lot. Ankle deep. After about an hour it finally downgraded from monsoon to heavy downpour. I wrapped Amelia in some of the plastic sheeting they keep by the door and made a run for it. In the 30 seconds it took to get to the van, I was soaked.

And today is a repeat. I tried to get some pictures, but only a couple came out. Above is my back yard, and then some lightning just before it hit my neighbor's shed and scared me so much I peed a little and ran back in the house screaming like a girl.

Now ghosts. I don't know what I think about ghosts and if they're real or not. There seems to be some evidence of their existence, but I don't know. Either way, the idea scares me. Anyway, at 5:00 (exactly) this morning I was awakened by blaring classical music. It was definitely inside my house, but I couldn't find the source. It stopped after about 30 seconds. I can't explain it. It was so loud. It wasn't coming from any electronic device in our house. It wasn't coming from outside. Will was gone, so I did what I do when I'm scared and alone--I turned on every light in the house. Because, you know, 7 watt, energy saving lights are going to protect me from the music loving poltergeist in my house. Then I crawled back into bed and laid there, awake, for 2 hours.

In general it was a traumatic morning. When I ran into the kitchen to look for the music source, I stepped on one of 10 night crawlers that had somehow found their way out of the ground and into my kitchen.

Did I mention I was barefoot?


  1. Brandi, I didn't take my boys to pre-school this morning because I couldn't figure out how to get them AND the baby inside without the baby (who has a bad cough right now) getting completely drenched. It really is that bad, people.

  2. Holy crap! Dude, I am super afraid of ghosts. Trust me, if I lived near you I would come over and we'd have a screamfest together. 'Cause I'm really helpful like that.

    You should try sleeping with a tennis racket and a can of spray CoolWhip--that's what I did when Blake was gone and I watched a marathon of Halloween movies.

  3. I love the rain! It is ridiculous out here but I like it. I would probably like it slightly less if I had been stuck in Lowe's for an hour, but probably more if I had been inside Target at the time:)

    As for the ghosts -- that is freaky. Once when Boone was gone my kitchen rug disappeared (we had no kids at the time) and I FREAKED. I mean, where does a kitchen rug go all by itself? I seriously panicked, and then 3 hours later (after turning my house upside down) discovered that the stupid cat had somehow dragged it UNDERNEATH the dishwasher through a small gap in the baseboards.

    Maybe you have a cultured cat in your house.

  4. no wonder you have no zest. it's all been washed, scared, and squished away.

  5. um, quit adding Christmas music already! IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET! :) Sorry for the rain. Think: Blessing. No fires. Beautiful flowers in the spring.

    Ghosts? oh Brandi! I think the worms are scarier than ghosts!

    BTW: Last night at exactly 1am (so I guess it was this morning) our talking book and our Little People baby cradle went off at the same time. What are the odds? So I have a baby crying sound and a book saying, "Let's read a story!! Hickory Dickory dock...."


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