Sunday, November 9, 2008

Family Update Volume II

I know I said I'd do a family update every Sunday, but there's not a whole lot to write about this week. I don't even have any new pictures.

Here's what I've got:

1. Despite his best efforts to lose, Will won NCO of the quarter for his battalion. So, next week he'll compete for NCO of the quarter for his brigade. It's kind of funny that he keeps winning when he'd really just like to lose and be done with it. His poor feet were all blistered after his 5 mile ruck march (ruck= toting your huge 35 lb rucksack on your back--dripping, cold, wet sandbags included).

2. My parents and my grandfather are visiting this week. I love visiting with them, but I don't do well with house guests or the elderly, so I'm a little stressed (sometime I'll devote a whole entry to my aversion to the elderly. It's not as bad as it sounds. Alright, yes it is.). We've mostly just hung out at home, but we did walk the Riverwalk yesterday and ate at a really yummy little cafe` in historic downtown Augusta. My stepfather befriended all the homeless people we encountered. When all was said and done he had given away $5 and let one guy call North Carolina on his cell phone (while roaming, no less).

Augusta Riverwalk

3. Liam has been complaining about chest pain, so back to the cardiologist we go. We were so excited back in August when we were told he was good for another year.

4. If Ben were president he would make cooked spinach illegal (raw would still be O.K.), kids would have no bedtime and everyone would get $500 (sharing the wealth?). Oh--and no homework ever.

5. Amelia peed on the toilet at church today! First time ever! A pull-up free world is on the horizon.

So, that's about it. Since I didn't have any new pictures, I'll leave you with a "Best Of" from the Douglass archives.

Ben performing at the Fort Meade Ward Talent Show last year


  1. That was me yelling "Go Ben!! Wooo hooo!" :) That was quite the crazy Talent Show. I pulled all the muscles in my belly...

  2. That was so hilarious! I think he surprised everyone in the ward. He just completely let loose. I loved it! Hey, me and my kids are even in the video on the right hand side. Those were the days weren't they Brandi? Well, maybe not for you. Your husband was gone then.

  3. Hi Brandi!! It's been awhile since we've had any contact. Your blog is awesome. How are you?! I'm still practicing on my flute and I think about you every time I do.

  4. I hope Liam is ok! I remember seeing him as a little guy all hooked up to things. Have I ever told you how proud I am of my dad who hates hospitals and sick kids? It's not even hate, it's more a unnaturally high fear.

    I agree with Ben. Spinach is yucky! I actually hold this true to almost all green veggies except string beans.

    Woohoo to Amelia! That's super news!

    Say hi to the fam for me. I got your mom's nice note on my blog yesterday. I've been remembering some fun times at your house(s) lately including my first (and only) time on a water bed. :)

  5. Brandi,
    How funny I tried to comment but I left my comment on the "House Guest Haiku"

  6. That video was awesome. I'm not surprised that Ben would perform in front of the ward, he's not the shy type. I could totally see Karlee doing something like that.

    Yea! Amelia! No diapers is the greatest!!!!

  7. That was probably THE BEST ward talent show i have ever been to because of Ben. Great flashback, Brandi!
    emily g

  8. Regarding April's comment above: That part about the water's not how it sounds, I swear.


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