Monday, November 24, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Sorry to anyone who showed up yesterday looking for the family update--I was BUSY! And honestly, there wasn't much to update except that Amelia has figured out how to get out of trouble. I told her not to touch something and she touched it anyway. I said, "If you touch that again I'm going to spank your butt." She replied, "Spank me, mom, spank me! Pleeeeeeease???? Spank me! I like it!" So much for discipline...

Anyway, cold weather and the holiday spirit have finally arrived in Georgia. Here are some tell tale signs:

Amelia wears her winter hat all day

The city of Grovetown put up their Christmas lights
(I hoofed it down my street in my flannel granny nightgown to take this picture)

Eggnog is in the grocery stores (and in McDonald's shakes!!)

And most importantly...

The Douglasses put up the tree!

(And village--I've been waiting years to have a village. Isn't it gorgeous? I just keep staring at it, wishing I lived there...)

In case I don't get back here this week, Happy Thanksgiving!!

Who am I kidding? I'll be back tomorrow. I have a rant festering as we speak.

P.S. Who's the crackhead that came up with Yo Gaba Gaba?

P.P.S. Crackhead is a term of endearment in our house.

P.P.P.S. If you drop by unannounced on Sunday anytime after church I will be in pajamas and I will not be wearing a bra. You've been warned.


  1. We do the tree the Friday after Thanksgiving every year. We actually drive 45 minutes and cut our own. So, I haven't decorated, but I did take out the ornaments. Oh, I take that back. I put the Little People Nativity (it's like the whole town of Bethlehem) all out in the living room. I'll take photos if it's ever not scattered all over the floor.

    I can't believe Amelia is so big!

  2. I wish you were here to decorate my Christmas tree. I'm in need of a profeesional! :) Love the hat!

  3. Finally a new post! I almost emailed you today to say that I was going into withdrawals!

    Our tree doesn't go up until this weekend, but I'm getting out the Oberammergau nativity tonight...

  4. Awee I love your village too.. I can't wait to get all of our christmas stuff out.
    Your tree looks so nice.
    It's really is beginning to look a lot like christmas.

  5. Your tree is so pretty. I can tell that Christmas must be your favorite holiday. :) And your Christmas village is so great! Did you get that in Germany? Can't wait for craft night at your house. Gotta find a sitter for that night. Oh, and I am like you, Sunday afternoons and any weekday after 8 pm, I am in jammies and bra-less. And about Yo Gabba Gabba. I used to think it was seriously messed up too, but I've gotten my kids to eat many a meal singing "party in my tummy." Still the man is crazy, but my kids are mesmerized.

  6. April--I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving, but it's LATE this year. I like a solid month with the decorations up (I take them down the day after Christmas)

    Ariella--If the price is right, I'll come do it :)

    Christa--It's nice to be missed.

    Tina--Thanks! The tree is prettier in person. I can't get a decent picture of it to come out.

    Sarah-- Christmas is my favorite. I actually got the village right here at Michael's. They had all their village stuff on sale for 60% off a few weeks ago, and I went a little crazy. I've never really had a place to display one until now. I did buy the lighthouse at Joann's, but even there it was 50% off. I'll probably buy more when they're marked way down after Christmas.

  7. Yo Gaba Gaba. FREAKS ME OUT. It frightens me. Kids love it, but by the time it's over, I'm curled up in the fetal position in the corner of the room, begging for mercy. That man is just scary. And then somehow he gets all those poor little kids to dress up in the funny clothes and dance along with him. It's a cult, I tell you. Someone must stop him.

  8. OKay, so I think just me and Hippie Sara liked Yo Gabba Gabba when it came out. I have the soundtrack and everything. We routinely sing "Get the sillies out!"

  9. I have no idea who Yo Gabba Gabba is, or what it is! I guess that's a good thing from the sound of it though!
    Your tree is beautiful!
    I've been wanting to put up my Christmas tree for 2 weeks now, but I've been too busy. Next time you come it will be up for sure!
    I'm also itching to put up Christmas lights outside...I think that started about the time that Grovetown put theirs up. Also on Saturday...if I have recouped from Black Friday!


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