Sunday, November 2, 2008

Family Update, Volume I

O.K., enough controversy. Remind me never to do that again! Hopefully there are no hard feelings toward opposing sides--I know I don't have any.


I had a request to talk more about the family and less about random things that I think about. So, as a compromise, I will post a family update every Sunday. The rest of the week: Random rambling. Fair enough?

So, this week was Halloween. I was sick and Will was working last Saturday when our ward had its Trunk or Treat, so we missed it. To make it up to the kids, we promised we'd go to the Trunk or Treat put on by Will's battalion on Thursday.

Annakin Skywalker and Batman (actually, according to Liam, he was a Jedi Batman).

Princess Amelia, who was cranky and refused to wear anything but her pink crocs.

I just realized I don't have any pictures from actual Halloween. Oh well--they looked just the same. Amelia took advantage of the fact that Ben and Liam couldn't have masks or weapons at school on Friday:

She wore that mask all day...

In other news, Will won Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the month for his company. He was disappointed that he won because that means he has to now compete for NCO of the quarter for his Battalion. As he put it, his reward for winning is getting to do more of the work he hates.
I always win when he goes to a board regardless of how he does, because it means I get to see him dressed like this:

Pretty hot, huh?

Speaking of his work, here is his platoon. Will is squad leader to 27 of them, in addition to teaching a dozen or more students all day.

That's pretty much it. Will has been working long hours, including weekends. He worked 14 days straight, close to 15 hours a day. He finally had this weekend off, and I dragged him to Atlanta shop at IKEA. I feel kind of bad, but our new headboard is FABULOUS!

Until next Sunday,



  1. Love this post! Your kid's costumes were great. Congrats to Will for NCO of the month. That is pretty cool. Too bad that means more work for him. I hope you are feeling better now. Please let me know if there is anything you need. I am always here.

  2. Cute kids! Congrats to your hubby for winning the award.

  3. My nephew was Batman for Halloween too! :)

  4. Congrats Will for making NCO of the month. did you get a four day weekend??? Yes, more work...and another board. But Brandi I am with you, I love "My" man in uniform. Wink Wink...
    Looks like your kids had a great time at the trunk or treat. I just found out you and the Harrisons are in the same batalion how cool is that?
    We really need to get together. Are you busy this four day weekend??? Let us know


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