Saturday, November 8, 2008

Haiku #2

I suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to post another House Guest Haiku (see previous post).

My fridge smells like Spam
My fridge really sm
ells like Spam
Hot water al
l gone


  1. Aloha woman! We islanders LOVE the smell of Spam. Here in Hawaii we play extra for the smell of Spam in our fridges.

    You white people just don't know what you're missing. Ah, Spam

    (uh, white Harmony here. SPAM?? GROSS? At least you're not required to eat Spam sushi at all social events. Blech)

    Ooooh, love the haikus. I wish I had such an elegant way to rant.

  2. UH OH, watch out people, Harmony is unleashing her 'inner Hawaiian'

  3. I don't think spam has ever entered our home. Tuna either. My kids are deprived. I wish I could use Haiku effectively. I think so do my readers. I think my comment is longer than your post. Why all the short choppy sentences? I don't know.


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