Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thursday and Friday: A play by play.

First, let's take care of some business. Jamie wins the ornament. Dihydrogen Oxide warnings are hands down the funniest/most ridiculous forward I've heard of. Jamie, e-mail me your address and any color/pattern preferences.

Now, onto Thanksgiving.

When you last heard from me Wednesday night I was up to my neuticals in projects. I still haven't finished painting, but I finished the laundry (although it's still on the couch waiting to be folded) and I made the cranberry sauce. Then I fell into a deep coma. So deep I slept through my alarm Thursday morning. And of course that happened to be the one morning in 9 years that the kids decided to all sleep past 6 am.

So, around 7:30 I woke up and realized my stuffing, which had not even been started yet, should be going into the oven. Eventually I got everything cooked and everyone ready to go and we headed out an hour later than planned.

Luckily, everyone else had even busier mornings and were a good hour later than we were.

We all (twenty of us!!) gathered at our friend Tina's house (click on that for more pictures).

We talked and laughed and ate like fools. You should have seen the spread!! Somehow I didn't get a picture of it, but click the link above to see it. We easily could have fed a small African nation. It was one of my best Thanksgivings. Tina is the ultimate hostess. Twelve of the 20 people present were under 9 years old, so Tina organized a craft. Here's the (oddly well controlled) chaos:

After dinner the kids scattered and the adults sat around chatting. During the conversation, I learned something new. Were you aware that un-spayed dogs and cats bleed during their estruous cycle just like a woman bleeds during her menstrual cycle? It's totally true. I even looked it up when I got home. I don't know how I went 33 years without knowing this.

Can you imagine a cat with PMS?

Anyway, we eventually cleared away (I use the term we loosely. I mostly stood around and watched everyone else work). Then we went to our friend Sylwia's house for pie. Lots of pie.

Around 7:30 we finally headed home. Liam threw up two kids of pie all over our sidewalk. I cleaned up my kitchen and went to bed. I slept for about 3 and a half hours and then it was time to get up and get ready for BLACK FRIDAY.

I don't normally do black Friday. After working retail all through college I tend to avoid stores this entire weekend. But, I was in serious need of some girl time away from my family, and I have really great friends here. The temptation of fun with friends outweighed the dread. So, I was prepared to head out at 3 am (although I was having serious second thoughts when my alarm went off at 2:00).

Tina and Stephanie midway through our Black Friday adventure. Stephanie's husband (not pictured) came along, too.

We hit 3 stores and had eaten our free breakfast at Sam's Club by 6:30. Then we hit three more stores and back tracked to 2 stores we had already visited by 11. We're very efficient shoppers.

At 11:00 we met up with three more friends for lunch at my favorite Chinese buffet--Shang Ri La. Because, you know, the thing you need most less than 24 hours after eating an enormous dinner and 3 kinds of pie and free breakfast at Sam's Club is a buffet.

Clockwise from left: Me, Stephanie, Sylwia, Denise, Tina and Ashley.

What? I've totally been working out.

After lunch we hit one final store and then went to a movie. Four Christmases is pretty darn funny if you're looking for something to go see.

I got home around 4:30. My feet were screaming and I could barely stay awake. I napped on the couch with my feet several feet above my head for about an hour. Then I had to go with Will to pick up our van (Oh yeah, I forgot. On the way to Tina's our brakes went out. A $750 repair bill a month before Christmas is just exactly what I was wishing for). We grabbed Mc Donald's for dinner and then I went to bed very, very early. And then I slept very, very late this morning. And woke up sore and sick. Luckily I have an awesome husband who hasn't complained once about me leaving him to deal with the kids by himself for essentially 36 hours. He was even folding some laundry when I staggered out this morning (11:30 is still morning).

All in all, the past 2 days were awesome. I hope you all had a great holiday, too!


  1. Hey if your gonna photoshop could you put Jennifer Aniston in my spot? That should make for an interesting pic!
    It was so fun that you came for Black Friday! You were a big help, and so much fun. I'm sorry about your poor feet. I hope you are feeling better. I crashed last night, slept like 10 hours, and I feel much better now.

  2. Love your picture - your hair has gotten really long, other than that you look the same. :) I'm so excited I won the contest! Yeah! I'll send along my address. Thanks for the fun!

  3. Wait Wait I want to be photo shop also. That was so funny. Ashely was over at my house when we read this and we laughed so hard. Oh my gosh you are so funny... WE really had a wonderful time with your family.

    And Black Friday was awesome.

    Love ya

  4. Wow, that post made me tired. I don't shop on Black Friday (unless you count online). I found the most awesome store online and got free shipping. Got a lot of funky and snarky gifts for friends and family. I did some Christmas decorating. We went shopping for some warmer clothes for Laura. Then, we watched Harold & Kumar 2. I'm exhausted and did only a little (and all after 10AM). :) Good for you getting out there.

  5. Loved the Thanksgiving and black Friday shopping pictures. I am so glad that you have such wonderful friends to share the holidays with. The inmates want me to let you know that they have enjoyed your Christmas music this weekend and would like you to add "Jingle Bell Rock" and "Rockin' around the Christmas Tree"

  6. Tell the inmates I'll get right on it.

    Ben has actually requested the same thing--I hope that's not an indication of the future.


  7. I am amazed that you all lasted that long on friday morning, and even more amazed that someone had a camera with them to document it!! We hit a few stores, just not that early. Lots of shopping and nickel and diming ourselves!!

  8. Do I want to know who these inmates are? And that picture of you is pretty immodest. Can you PLEASE at least wear some clothes? Thanks. :) So I DO like your Christmas music, too. Now that it's time to listen. B agrees with you BTW. He secretly listens to Christmas music all year long. gasp!!

  9. The inmates? Didn't you know my mother is in prison? She gets to use the internet for good behavior.
    2 years down, 18 to go.

    (O.K. not really--she's a nurse at the county jail).


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