Monday, December 1, 2008

Dear Jason.

Dear Jason of the Paint Department at Lowe's,

You may or may not remember me--I was in about a week ago with a crying toddler. I told you I was repainting my bathroom cupboards. I told you that I had no idea if they were painted with an oil base or not. I also told you I didn't want to strip them. And then I asked you what you suggested.

Do you remember how you pointed out a white satin paint and said that it would work regardless of the current paint? Actually, you said "irregardless," but you're 30 something and working at Lowe's so I'll forgive you.

So, guess what, Jason? It didn't work. The white satin paint you convinced me to buy separated and now my cupboards look worse than when I started.

Consider yourself off my Christmas card list.



  1. LOL I love it. I love the picture!!!

  2. If only you had asked your mother, I could have given you the low down. You are better off with an oil base for cupboards as it takes the wear and tear better. However there are some acrylic paints out that are specifically for cupboards and wood work. I would definately go back to the store and let them know about Jason's bad advice.

  3. Ohhhhh! Owwwwww! I use to work at Lowes... (NOT in paint) but at the return desk and later in credit for installs. I feel your pain and suggest that you take a picture and your paint cans and talk to the manager to at least get your money back. Holy Cow... I hate when mistakes like that happen in such an important room like the kitchen.


  4. Should have gone to Home Depot!! Just kidding. I don't ask anymore, i just go and read one of their books about it for free, then do the buying. You will see Cj and i hand in hand with the book as we get our list, then put the book back at check out!


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