Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Update Volume V

The top 10 things going on with the Douglasses this week:

10. Ben is actually taking care of the fish he got for Christmas.

9. Our AC is on and running all the time to keep the house at 72.

8. Will grew his thickest beard yet, which he just shaved off this morning.

7. Liam has not come out of Jedi mode since Christmas.

6. My Christmas decorations are still up. It's a record.

5. Liam likes to sneak into Amelia's room and put on her new tutu and dance in front of the mirror.

4. In addition to three neon fish, Ben also got an African Dwarf frog, which I have become inordinately attached to.

3. Liquid diets SUCK.

2. Santa brought us all (except Ben) a nasty respiratory infection, so we're all skipping church today.

1. Poor Amelia ended up in the E.R. last night. She has pneumonia.


  1. Poor Amelia! I hope she is better soon (and all the rest of you as well).

  2. So sorry everyone is sick. Poor Amelia. Hoping you all feel better soon. Hey Brandi if you really like that frog maybe you could get a tattoo and match Hailie.

  3. I'm so sorry about Amelia, and I'm glad the rest of you are doing better, at least when I last talked to you.
    I bet Liam looks cute...take pictures for future humiliation.
    And, finally, Liquid Diets do suck! I'm sorry.

  4. Hope everyone gets better! You just can't catch a break in terms of sick kids.

    You are proof that weather has little affect on sickness! This lady about bit my head off the other day because Ainsley was coughing while outside in 60 degree weather. She actually thought the weather would make it worse. I smiled and walked away instead of mentioning that Ainsley has been diagnosed with Japan-induced asthma. (Okay, it might not be Japan-induced but what am I supposed to think?)

  5. 1. I hope the kids feel better soon!

    2. Slim fast is not great- and can't you try Ensure and the diabetic one too for variety? They actually can get addictive- at least for me, they are fast, and easy and I do not have to wash dishes LOL.

    3. If you need any advice with the fish tank let me know- Travis' tank has been growing and is doing great. He also works with the little swimmy things.


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