Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Liquid Diets Make Me Grumpy

It's only been 24 hours since I've started my pre-surgery all Slim-Fast and clear liquid diet and I'm ready to kill anyone who speaks to me. I feel like Jeff Conaway two days into Celebrity Rehab.

I want something with texture so badly I was eying the baby carrots like they were crack.

Did you know that Slim-Fast tastes like liquid cardboard? Yeah. It does.

On the bright side, I've lost 3 pounds in 24 hours bringing me to a grand total of 29 pounds lost since September.

Oh, and I found 2006:

Gratuitous Amelia shot. She's doing ballet. Man, she was bald.


  1. the strawberries and cream one isn't that bad. But I feel your pain. I hated my liquid diet! Did you have an early Christmas dinner to make up for it?

  2. I hear you on the liquid diet. I had to do that when I got my wisdom teeth out. Luckily I didn't have to do it very long. There's only so much sipping you can do and I'm a chewer at heart. :) Loved all the Christmas's past, especially the 1977 Brandi Baby. :P

  3. Just make it curdle . . . THEN you can chew it. um. nevermind. That totally was not helpful. Merry Christmas!! I've had the orange cram one and it was pretty good, but there was another one that I liked and it was delish. I'll think on it...

  4. I used to drink the chocolate one like it was going out of style after I had Mimi. I think it was double chocolate or something like that. Good luck.

    At least your hair isn't orange.

  5. yeah, actually, I don't mind the rich chocolate one. Just have to drink it super-cold. But does it compare with REAL food? Well, uh, no.

  6. *ahem*

    YOU found the 2006 picture?

    And notice all the kitkats are gone and you didn't see me eat them.

    (((Not really, I haven't been eating them in front of you, though, have I? )))


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