Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Plane crashes and leg cramps.

Do any of you know anything about dream analysis? I keep having nightmares about being in a plane crash. They're never the same dream--they're always very different--but they always end with a fiery crash. What do you think it means?

If I need to work something out in my life to make them go away, I want to know. They're keeping me up.

Maybe I just need to lay off the wasabi almonds and sweet & hot pepper rings before bed.

Also keeping me awake are excruciating leg cramps. Monday night I was ready to get out my best knife and hack my legs off. These weren't run of the mill calf cramps. These were shin cramps. Have you ever had these? The kind that pull your big toe straight up and you can't put it down? The kind you can't massage away, and once they start they keep coming all night long?

The only thing that makes them go away is heat, so every hour I was hobbling out to the kitchen, in tears, to re-heat my rice pillow (thank goodness for Enrichment Super Saturday rice pillows!). I also ate 4 bananas during the course of the night (which I am now paying for).

I'd really like a decent night's sleep, so bring it on. I don't care if it's medically sound advice or simply an old wive's tale. I'm desperate.


  1. Not so sure about the plane crash issue, but I have some info for leg cramps. Often cramps are attributed to low potassium levels, but other nutrients may be involved. Calcium and vitamin D are also associated with reducing cramps (as are other nutrients). I'd check your intake of dairy products, especially fortified milk since it has vit. D and calcium, and see if your intake is adequate. If you're not a big milk drinker, try to get calcium through dark leafy greens, fortified OJ, or salmon. You should be aiming for a 1000 mg daily intake of calcium. As for vitamin D, you get this vitamin from sun exposure, fatty fish such as salmon, and fortified foods such as milk and some margarines. If you're not drinking enough milk and cooler temperatures have led you to be out of the sun more through more clothing or less outside time then you might not be getting adequate vitamin D through this route. You can always check with your doctor about this issue as well or a registered dietitian. Of course, I say go with the RD option first! :)

  2. Go to Walmart and check out the vitamin section. I use these herbal pills called Leg Cramps with Quinine. I know Walmart has them, you just might have to search. My dad has Restless Leg and he used it before they got him on the RX stuff. I use them all the time. (They don't seem to work as well with me being pregnant, but that doesn't seem to be an issue for you. :D) Plus, if they don't work for you, you're only out a few bucks.

  3. It sounds like you have shin splints. I used to have to freeze a plastic cup of water and then rub the cup down my shins to help ease the pain. I don't know if that's what you have, but leg cramps aren't usually in the shin area.

  4. I think that the airplane thing is hereditary. I have been dreaming about plane crashes for years. On a night before I was flying out to see you in Utah I had a dream that I ran into my dead grandparents at Logan Airport. When I asked why they were there they said that they were there to get some people, my grandfather looked out the window and said "Here they come." Just then a plane crashes on the runway, they say "See ya later" and disappear into the wreckage. But, usually in my dreams I am on a pland that goes down or one falls out of the sky and crashes very near me. MOM

  5. Papa's doctor had me get Magnesium tabs for his leg cramps and it really helped him. Try the ice idea, it does sound more like shin splints and ice is the recommendation for that.

  6. I don't know what the plane crash dreams mean, but just to be safe, I think I'll avoid any air travel with you...or apparently with your mom.

    I feel your pain on the leg cramps! I got HORRIBLE nighttime leg cramps when I was pregnant with Jack - what makes them worse is that you're so out of it that you can't think straight of what to do

  7. ice worked for me. .. therapy for the plane crashes.

    And YES, a WHOLE lot of water. I would get leg cramps and shin splints when I was playing sports and my Sports therapist said to drink tons of water. So now you will just be going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Better than pain. Sarah is spot on. Rolling the ice painfully along the shin is best. Potassium and calcium were the supplements I took. I'm still walking.

  8. From what I have been told, the actual events happening in dreams have nothing to do with anything. It is the emotions/feelings that you have during the dream that mean something and relate to what is going on in your life.


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