Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family Update Volume IV

This has been a hectic week, yet there's not much to report.

I did my visiting teaching. If you know me, then you know this is worth reporting. I'm a terrible visiting teacher. I'm always willing and eager to help the women I teach in any way I can, but getting to their house for a visit never seems to happen unless I have partner who'll kick my butt (Lindsay-I miss you!!).

We ran the air conditioner for a day and a half. It wasn't so much that it was hot (80 degrees one day, 75 the next), but the humidity was unbearable. I'm just not adjusting to Georgia in the winter. Neither are the kids. Amelia keeps asking when the snow will come. Most afternoons they play outside without a jacket.

Liam scared us this week by complaining about left sided chest pain. His cardiologist wouldn't even take my call until he'd seen his primary care doctor--a doctor who had never seen Liam before and certainly had no idea what Liam's heart sounds like on a normal day. But we saw him and he really felt that Liam is fine. He said the heart murmur he heard was actually pretty mild all things considered and his heart sounded strong. His pulse/ox was at 100% and he was running around like a wild man. He thinks was a bad case of gas or a strained muscle.
So, we'll hold off on cardiology unless he starts complaining of pain again.

Last night was our ward Christmas party. It was very different from any ward Christmas party I'd ever attended. The room was split and one side was Bethlehem and the other side was Zarahemla. They were set up like market places and traditional foods for the two areas were available to "buy." Everyone was given beans when we entered to purchase food. The kids whined a little bit about eating dates and pita bread, tortillas and beans for dinner, but they got over it and had fun. The decorations and lighting and music really made you feel like you were somewhere other than a church cultural hall. A lot of people dressed up in middle Eastern/South American Indian costumes. I wish I'd brought my camera. I also wish I'd remembered the traditional Afghan outfit Will brought home for Amelia. Oh well...

And now for the BIG news. Will won Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the quarter for his Brigade on Friday. I find it extremely funny because he didn't study or prepare in any way because he really didn't want to win (again). So, now he'll compete to be NCO of the quarter for all of Fort Gordon on January 13th (assuming I don't die on the table on the 6th).
Yay Will!


  1. Congrats Will that is awesome. I think it's funny you keep winning and you don't want to0... Are you getting anything special like a four day weekend? That's what Jer got. So in that case it was worth it.

    Brandi, I would have been so mad about Liam's cardiologist. I agree lets have a doc who has never seen my son check him out. GRRRR

    Last night was so much fun. I too have never been to a Christmas party quite like this one. It was amazing and I too felt like I was there. I too wish I would have taken my camera. Oh well maybe we can get some pics from someone who took some pics....

  2. Sounds like Mel's soldier of the month experience. His took him all of the way up to 18th Airborne Corps soldier of the year competetion (3rd place). All because a 1st Sgt. forced him to compete for company soldier of the month.

    Good (bad) luck to Will.

  3. Ben was acting up a bit (not too bad - I'm not tattling!) in Primary today during singing/sharing time. I told him to cool it and he gave me the "what? what did I do?" line. I giggled and told him, "I know all about you, Ben Douglass. I read your mother's blog..." His mouth fell open wide and it was clear he was caught. Expect a tongue-lashing from your eldest for spilling all his secrets where the Primary chorister could find them :)

  4. Santa reads all blogs!

    Anyhoodle, you will not die on the table.

    What an interesting idea for a Christmas party. But I would miss the turkey and ham, too. :)


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