Saturday, December 13, 2008


December 23rd I have to start an all liquid diet that will last until my surgery. The purpose is to shrink my liver, making it easier to do the surgery laproscopically. I can have 2 cans of Slimfast per meal, and then only clear liquids in between (sugar free Jello and popsicles count as clear liquid). Once in a while I can throw back a V8 for variety.

After the surgery I'll endure several weeks of clear liquids, full liquids and then mush. And even when I'm able to eat solids again, there are many foods I either should not or will physically not be able to eat again. Like carbonation. And popcorn. POPCORN!!!! Even salad will be an issue for quite a long time.

Pretty much life will be a few bites of chicken breast or fish or some other lean meat, and then a couple of bites of veggies. If I can handle it, a bite of pasta or potato or rice. The people who stray from this way of eating are the ones who stretch their stomach and gain back weight. The whole purpose of the surgery is to make it so that eating like that is all you're able to do for nearly a year, in the hope that it will be habit by the time you're able to eat more.

So anyway, knowing that in 10 days food will no longer be something fun for me, I plan to indulge. This morning I had garlic bread, chocolate covered macadamia nuts and sugar free cherry limeade for breakfast.

Here are some other foods I intend to partake of over the next 10 days:

Soda. It'll still be sugar free--I don't need to fall into a diabetic coma pre-surgery--but I will be drinking as much carbonation as I can.

Pizza. Pepperoni pizza to be exact. I plan to have this at least twice.

Chinese food. Of the gooey, sticky, deep fried variety.

Popcorn. I'll be eating heavily buttered and salted popcorn every night.

Hardees. I'll make at least one trip to Hardees for a burger. I'm not really a burger kind of girl, but Hardee's burgers are insanely yummy.

Zaxby's spicy fried mushrooms. If I were on death row, I'd request these for my last meal.

Fried chicken. I might not even eat the chicken--I might just eat the battered skin.

I heard that there's a food cart in the parking lot by Will's office that sells deep fried everything. Snickers, twinkies, you name it. I intend to make a visit.

Fried Snickers

Really good lasagna. I actually love my own lasagna, but it's a lot of work. We may need to visit Olive Garden.

A Philly cheesesteak.

Greasy onion rings. Anyone know where I can get some good, greasy onion rings?

KFC mashed potatoes and gravy. These are probably my second favorite food ever.

Mozzerella sticks. These are on the menu for my lunch today.

A nice, juicy steak. (Some people can never swallow beef again after the surgery. So, just in case...)

There are some other things I would LOVE to have before the 23rd, but they're not available locally. My wish list would include Nam Sod from Thai Garden in Keene, New Hampshire, Drake's Cakes Funny Bones (Drake's are only up North), a real Italian from anywhere in Maine, and a Doner Kebap from Sahin's Kebap Haus in Mannheim (or Heidelberg) Germany (no lettuce or feta, extra sauce).

I'll probably gain back the 25 lbs I've managed to lose already, but it'll be worth it.

Note to my Georgia ladies: Anyone up for joining me at Shang Ri La for one last Chinese food glutton fest?


  1. How funny is that? Five minutes ago I read the latest news from Pioneer Woman and found the link to your Blong. And you lived once in Mannheim of all places! Sure hope you liked it here ;).

    Oh, and I will look up that Kebap place you talked about!

    Kind regards

  2. Adele-- Sahin's Kebap Haus is located on the military base--In Mannheim and Heidelberg.

    I'm jealous you live in Mannheim. I would move back tomorrow and stay forever if I could. We loved living there.


  3. I still get dysphagia if I eat steak or ya know, a bit bigger than a tiny fork. It's very uncomfortable. Just a warning.

    Eat all the food you can and eat it now! Weight loss be damned!

  4. I'm disappointed that I saw very little chocolate represented on your list. For MY sake, you need to have some chocolate. Because that's what I'd be eating 24x7 if I was about to start a liquid diet. Chocolate chocolate chocolate. Ditto on the pizza. But then also lots of pasta and bread. Mmmmmmm, wonder what I have downstairs in the fridge.....

    Good luck!

  5. I can't believe all of America doesn't get to experience the oral orgamsim of a "Funny Bone".....Do I have time to send one to you? =]

  6. Ive recently been reading your blog and from the few pictures Ive seen you really dont look as if talking such a dractic measure is nessecary (prade picture) Im even surprised a dr. would do this surgury my understanding was you had to be 75 lbs or more over weight. well would like to see before and after pictures and good luck

  7. MMMMMMM. That is all I can say. MMMMMM. You have made me so hungry for stuff that is NOT in my pantry! Someone hide the car keys!! :P Oh, and Red Robin has AWESOME onion rings...
    You have such a fun way of writing! Love it!


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