Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Morning Confessions Part Deux

I had an overwhelming request to reveal more disturbing facts about myself, so here you go.

I have a phobia of drinking water from the bathroom sink.

I get a kick out of squeezing black heads, but only my own. I will not squeeze a zit for you.

I didn't get my driver's license until I was 23.

I stole a bottle of yellow nail polish from Walgreen's when I was 13.

My Aunt Louisa thinks that I cheated during a game of Scrabble when I was 15. It has bothered me for 18 years that she still thinks I cheated. For the record I did not cheat. I'm sorry that she couldn't handle being beaten by a teenager.

I got so sick of Christmas music yesterday that I turned it off and listened to classic rock instead.

I have a phone phobia. I hate talking on the phone (with a few exceptions). Please, unless you're family, e-mail me.

I was once so mad at my step father that I sprayed his food with Windex. It didn't work. He's still here.

My cousin and I were still playing Barbies when we were 13. We just didn't speak of it publicly.

Under my hair color I'm completely gray.

When Ben complains that his friend is allowed to do something he's not, I tell him it's because we love him more than his friend's parents love his friend.

We flipped the door knobs on all the kids' bedrooms so that the lock is on the outside.

I cannot watch horror movies. Even the commercials terrify me. I have to sleep with the light on for weeks.

I think the Jonas Brothers are cute, but will end up sterile if they don't start buying bigger pants.


  1. I'm right there with you on lots of the things that you said. I too have a phobia of drinking bathroom water. Black heads or white heads...bring them on...only mine though! My friend and I played Barbies for years, I just don't remember if it was before or after age 13 that we stopped. I hate horror movies, but can handle scary movies better than my husband who has nightmares vivid nightmares that usually includes me getting hit or attacked at night because he is dreaming that spiders or something is trying to get him. True story!
    As for the Jonas brothers...I know who they are, I haven't really heard their music, but AMEN to the pants thing!

  2. Now Iunderstand....
    Last week when your parents visited I prepared a nice home cooked meal. Your stepdad asked if I had any Windex. I thought he was insulting my house keeping skills. Turns out he just wanted to season his food.

    Love you all

    Aunt Becky

  3. LOL to Aunt Becky's comment. I never knew the secret ingredient to your food. HUMMMM LOL I love it...NO wonder it didn't work...

    I too played Barbies into my teen years, Did you every play Heartthrob? one of my all time favorite games (As a teen)

    Note to self send an e-mail Do not call. Good to know!!!! Sorry!!!
    (I love the phone, okay I love the computer too but I love love the phone.)

  4. Ohh! I am right there with you on not drinking from the bathroom faucet. Even in the middle of the night I will go downstairs to get water from the kitchen. But I do let (and help) my kids drink bathroom water ;)

  5. Sorry, did we actually want the Jonas Brothers to reproduce? I think I've got bigger concerns.

    And boy I love email. I like to talk on the phone, once I get going, but mostly, I prefer email. Especially for someone I'm not so close with.

    I believe that you would be a completely honest scrabble player. Of course, I play with "Cale House Rules" which I've been told is just legal cheating, so what do I know? :)

    And I totally see the comparisons between you and Madonna. It's all about the birthday. XD

  6. If you change the N to a B on the last row of letters in your Scrabble picture, you can mix the letters on that bottom row (plus the P right above the E) around to spell Budapest. No, it didn't take me forever to figure this out. Maybe I'm just gifted too. So there. :) Bring it. Okay, so I lose almost every time I play with B. That's why I haven't played in a while.

    I still don't get Barbies????

  7. I've always hated the kitchen sink water. I always drink the bathroom water. Maybe it's because I clean the bathroom and it's up to Rob to clean the kitchen. I also just thought there was food in the kitchen sink stuck to the faucet. I'm used to drinking water in the bathroom after brushing my teeth.

    I don't think I have enough blog space to share all my quirks.

  8. Hey Brandi...Do you still have full on conversations in your sleep??? I seem to remember that one from being your roomy at USU!! :) Happy Christmas!

  9. Since I've eaten your food before, I am now quite disturbed about the Windex comment. It's a very good thing to remember. And I'm right with you on the Jonas brothers - those Olivia-Newton-John-in-Grease-after-she-goes-skanky-pants just aren't right.

  10. Lurker here - I couldn't help laughing at the bedroom door one.

  11. Ran across a comment of yours on Prairie Woman.

    I love your "confessions" so funny! My daughter is 11 and we have done some stealth Barbie buying missions...she only buys when if she is sure that she will not run into anyone at the checkout!

  12. I am nearly 28 and I'd like a Barbie for my birthday.

    Sorry...just a lurker here. :)


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