Monday, December 29, 2008

Always Prepared

So, I got a tag a couple of months ago, but I put off doing it because I was afraid you'd all think I was crazy.

The tag was simple--dump out the contents of your purse and tell what everything is.

Not so bad.

Here's the purse. It's huge and I love it.

Here are the contents--nothing too strange: wallet, emergency glucose injection, folding hairbrush, phone, keys, hand lotion, lip gloss, gummy candy, antibacterial wipes and a pen.

But then I have one more thing in there. My "Preparedness Pack." This is the point where some people, like my husband, think I go from mildly eccentric to full on crazy cakes.

I would have taken everything out so you could see the individual items, but fitting it all back in is an exact science. It's a very small case.
Inside you'll find: dissolving soap paper (for those bathrooms where there's no soap), sunblock stick, Tylenol, tape measure, tissues, cough drops, antibacterial wipes, body wash, deodorant, mouthwash, Febreze, Tide-to-go, a mini first aid kit, a sewing kit, face blotting papers, hand lotion, double A batteries, a card with a picture of Jesus surrounded by children with the 13 Articles of Faith on the back, Immodium AD, and tampons.
All in a 6" x 3" x 6" case.

And speaking of tampons, isn't this the cutest?

It holds three.

I'm not sure what compels me to have all of that on hand. Go ahead and laugh, but when you find yourself out somewhere and in need of a tape measure or body wash or a button, you won't be laughing anymore. You'll be wishing you had my purse.


  1. Brandi

    Don't you know, we all realized how crazy you are ages ago! :) Just kidding. I am totally impressed by your preparedness. Wouldn't mind being stranded somewhere as long as you were with me. You could help an army of hygenically challenged people. The tape measure thing is genius. I always need one when I am out shopping. And I'm always wishing I had a throat drop. That tampon case IS adorable. Can't believe you were afraid to do this tag. I like you even more now.

  2. Brandi I am so proud of you.
    I'll bet you never thought we were so much alike. Someday the very people who think you're crazy will need some little thing you carry in that glorious purse.

  3. Like Sarah said, we always knew you were crazy cakes, so no biggie. Actually, I don't have much in my purse, but my mom won one of those bridal shower games on who had the most weird stuff in her purse. She too had the tape measure - plus a pocket knife, cough drops, tissues, etc etc etc etc - if you needed something, chances are it was in my purse. So you may be crazy cakes (well, you ARE crazy cakes), but at least you're in good company!

  4. I'm impressed. Mostly because there were no fruit snacks or chicken nuggets from three weeks ago. As you might recall, no matter the size of my purse (large or small) it's chocked full of useless things like that. Plus, there's always about 10 commissary receipts.

    But, LOVE your purse! Very cute. And have you ever seen that movie Daylight with Sylvester Stallone where the entrances of the tunnel collapse and all those people are trapped? I'd want to be trapped with you. Between the two of us (you with your kit of shower gel and me with my fruit snacks) we'd totally survive for a long time.

  5. Hey Brandi, I work with Tide To Go and think that's great that your "Preparedness Pack" includes our pen!

    I wanted to give you a heads up... have you seen our "talking stain" commercial from last year's Super Bowl? CBS has included it in the top 10 Super Bowl commercials of all time! This Saturday they're doing a primetime special about it. You can check it out here:

    If you like it too, we'd appreciate it if you vote for it. Be sure to tune in and see where it places too! :) I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog by the way. Feel free to ask me any questions. Have a great day!



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