Saturday, December 6, 2008

What did she say?

So, Amelia was watching Ni Hao yesterday. Ni Hao is like Dora the Explorer, except it teaches Chinese. Instead of being named Dora, she's named Kai-Lan, but pretty much everything else is the same. I'm surprised there hasn't been a lawsuit.

Anyway, I hear Amelia saying what sounds like the S word. You know, the naughty word for poop. I would just write it, but I know it would completely offend some of my readers.

So, I go in to see why she's saying a word we don't ever use. Here's what I saw:

(Go over to my playlist on the right and click the pause button, then turn up your speakers a little.)

Maybe we need to start watching Sesame Street instead.


  1. Holy Snow! It really does sound like a local Georgian cussin' about poo...

  2. that might be a word that they should consider skipping. :)

    Ya know Dora is totally different from Kai Lan. Ya know, Dora is always using that map to go places. Kai Lan just hangs around talking to her friends. Totally different. *Sarcasm all around*

  3. The show was criticized when it came on because the Chinese language is so difficult to learn and not as pretty/soft sounding as Spanish. I want to say it was based off of Dora. Maybe not the same people, but that's why Nickelodeon created it if I remember correctly so that may be why there's not any infringement.

    xuě is the word for "snow" in Chinese. It's pronounced shui though most said there wasn't an English equivalent of how to say it.

    Hey, I'm just excited that there's an Asian human on tv. Before Mulan, there was basically cats and mushrooms (Siamese cats in various things and those stupid mushrooms in Fantasia).

  4. Everyone else thought of whitty/helpful things.

    I said "She said s#$t! HA HA HA HA! HA HA HA HA HA!"

    Kai Lan could totally kick Dora's trash. And talk about snow while doing it.

  5. Oh the things I am missing out on while living overseas where we watch reruns of OLD cartoons. At least their clean and don't CUSS!!

  6. OMIGOSH!!! I laughed so hard! I know my kids watch this show. Thanks for the warning. I'm sure my kids will starting saying it soon enough. ;)

  7. That is a riot. I needed a good laugh. I hurt from head to toe from tearing up the living room carpet today. It made me want to say that bad work over and over again.

  8. I just realized you can hear my Darth Vader breathing in the background.

    I've got mucus issues, people. Sorry.

  9. Hee Hee Hee...I had to laugh in small segments...I just had surgery yesterday & it still hurts to laugh!!! But, boy did I laugh!

  10. Anya loves this show. My favorite is now she calls her grandpa yeye. lol. that's pretty funny though... I think I have to agree with Crystal.. my kids just will have to not know the Chinese work for snow. lol.


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