Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm really not an angry person...

...but here I go with another rant.

There are two pit bulls in my back yard right now.

At least I think they're pit bulls. They could be poodles.

You tell me:

Anyway, they're in my fenced back yard. That means someone put them into my yard deliberately. I called animal control THREE HOURS ago. I called them again 45 minutes ago and reminded them that there were two rabid pit bulls in my yard and that I was trapped inside my house, but they didn't care. And they (probably) aren't rabid, and I'm not really trapped.

Then I told them if they didn't get here by 1:00 I'm calling my neighbor to come shoot them. They've got 25 minutes. Hopefully my neighbor is a dog shooting kind of guy. And hopefully he owns a gun.

Have I mentioned that I don't like dogs?

I don't like dogs.

I'm not afraid of them. I just don't like them. They smell. They slobber. They hump things. And now I'm going to have to go clean up dog crap from my yard before I can send the kids out to play. That's one of my top 2 reasons for not owning a dog!!! Number one is that dogs suck.

Seriously, this situation is making me want to call the dogs and the animal control people things that would be unbecoming to the lady that I am. Things that start with F.

Anyway, just as proof that I'm not a rant-a-holic, here are a couple of things that made me smile today:

Isn't this a cool looking coke bottle?

And look at this bitty little ketchup bottle!! So cute I bought two.
I just don't know what I'll do with them...

P.S. If you're here from Monique's blog, just scroll down. You want the post before this one.


  1. i agree with you on the dogs. i cant stand those things!

  2. lol!!! You just crack me up. Awww. Those are cute little puppies... jk. A pit bull killed my puppy when I was 3 years old and I saw it happen. Antifreeze works wonders... but you didn't hear it from me. :)

  3. oh, I am not Dan. This is Monique. Our friend was using our computer and I apparently used his account. oops. Thanks for the scroll down. wink wink. ;)

  4. I keep hearing about antifreeze because we have the barking dogs from hell behind us. How can they stand to have the dogs bark ALL NIGHT LONG??? That's ridiculous that they were put in your yard. You go get em, Brandi!

  5. 'F word'? Frog? Frankincense? Oh I know! Fool! That'll show 'em!

  6. Oh I love dogs, but only well behaved ones! I can't believe someone just put dogs in your yard!! What cowards! They couldn't be bothered taking them to the pound I bet.

    Oh and I recently found your blog and have just started reading it. Just in case your wondering who I am!

  7. Welcome to my insanity, Nikki! :)

    I wouldn't do something to make a dog suffer (like antifreeze), but I'm O.K. with a swift, painless death.

    Just to follow up--A guy who rides around the neighborhood on his bike came and lured them out of my yard (because animal control took 4 hours to get here). They tried to attack him, so he took off on his bike and they took off after him. Animal control showed up a few minutes later and went after them. Hopefully they were caught.

  8. Now how in the world did my dogs get all the way down to Georgia! :-)


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