Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morn

First, merry Christmas!!! I hope you all had a great Christmas. We certainly did.

We started out with a relaxing Christmas Eve morning. The kids played outside in their pajamas. It was 72 degrees out.

Then we spent most of Christmas Eve day at the home of our friends, the Pynes. We were also joined by the Roche family. There was a lot of yummy food (not that I could eat it, but it looked and smelled great and was slightly torturous to me all day). The kids (all nine of them) played outside most of the afternoon. Then we ate. Or, they ate. I drank my stupid Slim Fast. Then the kids dressed up in costumes and we had a Christmas pageant. Ben was a wiseman, Amelia was a wisewoman (because she wanted to wear a crown) and Liam was supposed to be a shepherd, but he was sick and cranky and bailed out at the last minute. As usual we forgot our camera. The Pyne's will likely post pictures on their blog, so go HERE in a day or two and check. Even if they don't post the pictures you should go there because they're an awesome family and worth reading about.

We had some games and singing planned for after the pageant, but the kids were getting cranky and I was woozy, so everyone headed home earlier than planned.

The kids all opened a present (pajamas) and went to bed early. Will and I had our usual tradition of wrapping all the presents late into the night. It's not a deliberate tradition--it just always ends up that we've put it off until Christmas Eve.

Around 6:30 this morning I heard Ben and Liam rummaging through the presents and speculating about their contents. So, we got up and opened presents. There were light sabers and pink princess-y things and tutus (which Amelia insists on calling curtains) and Legos galore.

I then passed out on the couch while everyone else played for a couple of hours. In fact, it's 5 hours later and they're all still playing.

Liam was really into the whole Christmas experience. After they opened their stockings from Santa (light sabers for all three), Ben started messing with the presents under the tree. Liam said, "Ben, we can't open those until Christmas!" And Ben said, "Today is Christmas!" And then Liam screamed and jumped up and down and hugged me 5 times. And although Ben and Amelia really liked their presents, Liam was by far the most enthusistic. Everything was the greatest gift ever.

Not to toot my own horn, but I sewed that Jedi robe. Without a pattern.

I hope the rest of your Christmas day is terrific! Sorry this is such a long post. Writing takes my mind off the fact that I'm starving. (I'm now up to 33 lbs lost!). Also, sorry for all the parenthesis (they just seem necessary today).


  1. I'll try and live up to your recommendation Brandi! Thanks for coming last night, it was a lot of fun. I still feel really bad that you could eat. Just focus on your goal...and the fact that I will be working my butt off, just to lose the 5 pounds that I'm sure I gained last night and today! Dang desserts!!!!! Great job being strong. You left your crack carrots at my house by the way!;)

  2. I'm super impressed by the Jedi Robe. Also, I want a light saber...but know living overseas. Should have seen the NEX on the 23rd, if you didn't buy your kid a toy before then, there was nothing to buy. really, bare shelves.

    I can't believe you could sit around the food and not eat it. You have will power like a super hero.

  3. It made my day to click on your blog and see the Christmas morning pictures of the kids. I was missing you guys a whole lot so it really helped. Thank you. Love, MOM


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