Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't pee your pants.

I won't be home long enough to write an actual post today (that, and I have nothing to write about. Oh, except that The Angry Chicken was at the Y again yesterday. In her Beauty and the Beast shirt. And laughing hysterically while watching Golden Girls on the elliptical. Yes, I used the phrases Golden Girls and laughing hysterically in the same sentence, and I wasn't even referring to Bea Arthur's clothes.)

Anyway, you're not going to get anything from me today, but you should go read these two little gems. I nearly peed on myself laughing at both of these yesterday. (There may be some PG-13 language in both, but as far as I remember nothing too bad).

First, there's this nugget of awesomeness from Dusty at Pork Tornado.

Then, go read this bit of hilarity from Heather at Dooce.


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